Why Businesses Must Buy Genuine Windows 10?

John Smith

  • May 28, 2019

If you are running a business with high repute and using pirated versions of software such as Windows 10 in your office systems you are committing a crime. If you are not using a genuine copy of Windows 10 right now! Get Windows 10 price in Pakistan from Xcentric Store.

Using copyright products without a license is a crime in the cyber world and many people do not pay for the license. It does not end here it is not only a crime but using a pirated or crack version of Windows 10 will leave your data insecure. Your computer can be hacked easily. The reason is simple when you buy the license of a product from Microsoft, the company sends you security updates to save your computer from intruders.

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 you should upgrade your operating system because in January 2020 Microsoft is going to end the support and security updates for Windows 7 and later for Windows 8. This means you will be running an insecure operating system in your computer after January 2020. To stay updated upgrade your Windows to Windows 10. So that you can have a secure user experience on the latest Windows 10.

You should always use a genuine copy of any software that you are using and avoid pirated or cracked versions. All the software that is available free on the internet is actually compromised on security or they might be lacking any feature from it that will later cause malware in your computer. Sometimes the patches and cracks that we install are mostly full of viruses, malware, and weak points and here the hackers are warmly welcomed to access your important or sensitive data. Which can be used for any purpose they want.

Many users make a pirated or cracked copy of Windows work by getting a free or pirated version of anti-virus which is not genuine for sure. This works for a while but later on, your operating system will start slowing down. It will get so slow that you have to do Windows repair or new Windows installation in every couple of months. We noticed the difference of both versions of Windows keeping the security aside and we just focused on working so these were the results we got.

On the other side the computers that were running genuine Windows 10 and genuine anti-virus software on them, such computers work long enough. They run the operating system for one or two years without getting slow and without formatting any drives. This is the main benefit of buying the license and installing a genuine copy of Windows 10 with all the fresh installs, you can also install an anti-virus on your computer but not cracked.

Windows 10 supports various platforms and better working experience for professionals in any industry. The operating system is tested after running virtual machines, playing high-end games, and transfer loads of data every day. After this much intense use, the genuine Windows 10 performed very well and with a smooth consistency.

Many people think the updates that are installed by the operating system are useless, actually, they do not know the advantages of the updates and the purpose behind them. All the professionals appreciate the updates.

Other main benefits of having genuine Windows 10 installation are mentioned below:

  • Security Updates.
  • On-call support from Microsoft.
  • No irritating activation notifications.
  • Full feature access of Windows 10.
  • Preserve hardware and data integrity particularly precious data on the hard drive.
  • You buy it once and it is yours forever.

Do not wait until something wrong happens to your data or the coy of Windows that you are currently running. Xcentric Services is offering all original Microsoft products as being the Microsoft Partners in Pakistan, we also let people know more about Windows 10 price in Pakistan.







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