How to make an educated decision when choosing your POS System?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 27, 2019

A friend in need is a friend indeed; The best-suited proverb explaining the relationship between a retailer and his point of sale solution. Microsoft POS Software helps you not only with the traditional cash registers but will also help to collect some concrete data that can be used to your advantage and it creates an end-to-end system by consolidating the ERP Solution with the Point of Sale Software. This Pos System will help you with understanding your customer behaviors and trends to bring efficiency to the business.

The increasing trend of Magento POS Integration is reason enough to say that it is beneficial to your business. It’s always wise to choose who you work with carefully, especially if you are planning to depend on it. However, there are a couple of key features you might want to consider when choosing your system to get the maximum out of it. Let’s go through them!

Inventory Management is a MUST

Every POS system will indeed manage inventory but what you want for your system to do is that it amalgamates with the ERP Software in Pakistan to give you an insight into your customer behavior and a firm grip over your inventory. When a sale comes to an end, your inventory automatically updates. It will also allow you to get notifications about when to re-stock your inventory. Moreover, the data you will gather from the Microsoft Dynamics POS Software can be used to re-stock the popular items so that you can retain your customers. While on the other hand, previous purchase records can be used for future negotiations.

Price Variation can be recorded

Usually, there is going to be standard pricing on your items, except for the times when there are special discounts, customized promotions, and Loyalty Management Services in action, the prices will vary. On conventional grounds, this variation calculates at the register but some cool systems keep a track of these price variations. Additionally, they will help eliminate human errors and automatically apply varied prices in similar conditions.

Let’s make it Quick and Easy

We live in a world where people have less patience and are not ready to wait any longer than a few minutes. Research shows that more than 50% of people tend to stop shopping at stores where they have to wait for a long time. Hence, the fact is clear – Being quick is the priority.

A basic barcode scanner allows you to quickly get over with the transactions. But your preference should be a system that offers mobile options where you can complete payments on your mobile device. This way is not only quick and efficient but also looks pretty amazing.

Do not miss out on the Basics

Learn to walk before you run! What’s that supposed to mean? Well, it means you need to start with the basic system. A system that allows you to set up at a price attainable to your business. Yes, your business will grow, and yes that will require a more complex system but all in due time. You cannot start reading level 10 books before reading level 1. So take one step at a time and walk your way through.


Technically, when it comes to choosing a POS system for your business, the choices can overwhelm you. However, the good news is that picking the right one isn’t a chore, though it is still an upfront financial commitment. No, we aren’t scaring you, but being a Web Development Company providing Microsoft Consulting Services, we know how much of a confusing chore this can be.

So, you are still not sure about which POS Retailers Integrated with FBR would be your best choice? Don’t worry. Our FBR POS Integration professionals are out there waiting to help you. So the least you have to do is – Get in touch with us. We at Xcentric Services deal with POS System and have the credentials to guide you regarding which system is worth your money and time. Plus, we’ll also integrate your POS System with the FBR server because it is mandatory to share real-time invoicing data with FBR







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