How Our WhatsApp Marketing Services Can Drive Traffic To Your Business?

Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 19, 2020

Today, the focus of savvy marketers is diverted towards messenger applications. And with time, it is now evident that marketing isn’t only about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There’s a new cool boy in town – WhatsApp. It offers two major functionalities that marketers count on while choosing a marketing platform; Authenticity and Personalization. However, building relationships with the audience on this messenger application isn’t an easy play. You can’t simply send your customer a message. WhatsApp Marketing Services in Pakistan by Xcentric Services is what you need at this point.

WhatsApp Marketing Services – What They Are All About?

If you were thinking that WhatsApp Marketing is all about creating an account and immediately messaging the customers in our contact list? Well, unfortunately, it’s the opposite. There’s a lot that you need to plan and handle. And that’s precisely why you need our help to reach a wider audience. Going deeper into the details, here’s what our WhatsApp Marketing strategies are focused on;

Marketing and Promotion

Getting a decent reaction from customers is every business owner’s dream. At Xcentric Services, we make it a reality through innovative WhatsApp Marketing strategies. We support business goals by planning marketing and promotional campaigns focused on targeting customers on WhatsApp. Such campaigns include sending promotional visuals, videos, and text to customers on WhatsApp. The more we promote a brand while providing Social Media Marketing Services, the more traffic drives in.

whatsapp marketing services in Lahore


Customer Support

Gone are the times when a customer would give you a call if they had a query, and we understand this well. Hence, when providing WhatsApp Marketing Services in Pakistan to clients, we dedicate a team for providing customer support 24/7. Any time your customer has a query, our team will be there to answer them on WhatsApp. All you need to do is dedicate a number for a WhatsApp account, and we’ll handle the rest being your partner Social Media Marketing Company

Offering One-to-one Help

Consider that you’ve launched a brand new product. A customer purchased it but is confused about how to use it. Here’s where we jump in as a WhatsApp Marketing Services Provider and answer the customer’s query. Because we all love it when brands try to help us out in every way, right? That’s precisely what we do on behalf of our clients – having one-to-one communications with their customers.

Sending Reminders

The Millennials and Gen Z-ers keep on checking their WhatsApp every day (or maybe every hour) – much like reading a newspaper. Our marketing team at Xcentric Services takes this as an opportunity. We keep our client’s customers updated on their order status and send out reminders whenever needed.

whatsapp marketing status

So if you’ve shipped orders and you dread that the customers won’t be home to receive it, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know and our team will send a message on your behalf to the customers informing them of the order coming to their door. No more orders returning!

Feedbacks and Customer Research

Have you ever thought about what’s the best thing in having a healthy relationship with your customers? It takes your branding and communication to the next level. While marketing any client of ours on WhatsApp, we not only focus on increasing sales. Being a savvy WhatsApp Marketing Agency, we also use WhatsApp as a platform to research and get customer feedback.

Confused about what new features to work on for your new product?

Want to know what lacks in your current product?

We can get you the answers to all these questions by communicating with your customers on WhatsApp. And considering that it is a go-to platform for everyone, it actually does bring positive results. We’ve helped several clients in improving their products by using feedbacks and research results. Though above all, there’s one more thing we assure – We won’t be intrusive. The conversations will be natural in every way because we all know that humans like talking to humans.

Promotions and WhatsApp Stories – A Deadly Combination

Running promotional campaigns on WhatsApp is the first thing we do when providing WhatsApp Marketing Services in Pakistan. At this point, let’s spill the beans about how we add more value to the campaigns we run – WhatsApp Stories it is, fellows!

The first thing that every agency you’ll come around does is running a marketing campaign. However, conversely, WE get an edge over them by rightly combining campaigns with the exclusive traits of a WhatsApp story.

For instance, we had been running a WhatsApp Marketing campaign for our client, which offered a discount coupon. Our team shared it on the client’s WhatsApp Story, announcing that the coupon expires when the story period ends – 24 hours later. This directed the customers to a one-to-one chat, where we sent an automated message – “Visit the link to redeem the coupon”. The link landed them to our client’s online web store where the coupon could be redeemed. All we did here was creating a time-critical FOMO for customers. The result? More sales and leads. And the cherry on top – We didn’t even sound pushy!

The Verdict

WhatsApp Marketing is a complex domain in itself, where there are demands, as well as opportunities. However, to drive traffic from the platform to a business, time, resources, and attention needs to be invested continuously. Sounds like a hassle considering you have too much on your plate to handle? Don’t worry. Xcentric Services has got you covered with affordable and result-driven WhatsApp Marketing Packages being a Social Media Marketing Agency. Drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com and we’ll get back to you soon with a well-defined WhatsApp Marketing plan!







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