Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Marketing Service

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 30, 2020


Talking of Social Media channels, the first ones coming in mind are Facebook, Instagram, and probably Snapchat. However, in actuality, messenger applications have started getting up to social networking channels when it comes to terms of use. Gradually, marketers have started using these applications as marketing channels. And that’s exactly why WhatsApp Marketing Service came into trends.

Boasting 1.5 billion active monthly users from around the globe, WhatsApp is emerging as a leader. And this kind of market penetration isn’t something you should be ignoring right now. Though the question here is – How to use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing effectively and jump on the bandwagon?

Well, like every other unexplored leading-edge application, WhatsApp might also bring forward its fair share of challenges, risks, and rewards for businesses. However, there’s one way you can reduce the risk – By partnering with Xcentric Services.

Being an agency, we know how to explore new ways to connect with the target audience strategically. We can tell you everything, from the basics of WhatsApp Chat to why to use it for your business and how we create campaigns for our clients. Read on!

WhatsApp Marketing Service – The Basics

WhatsApp provides two options when it comes to sending images, short videos, or a simple text message.

  • Personal 1-1

Very practical for small scale businesses who want to provide the best customer service.

  • Group Chat

Every participant of the group receives the message. Even though it is not used a lot for marketing, some businesses have experienced success with this digital group-focused tool.

  • Broadcast Lists

Allows sending the same message to every participant, but not everyone can see the responses. Ideally, this is very scalable for marketing purposes.

Whatsapp Marketing Strategy

Why Use WhatsApp for Business?

The most valid reason why we ask our clients to use WhatsApp for business is that every customer is using it. According to stats, around 60 billion messages are sent through this application daily.

And surprisingly, its users are willing to engage with businesses over it. Plus, if your target audience is Millenials and Gen Z, they are like to use this app than any other one for day-to-day communication.

Moreover, messaging applications such as WhatsApp also drive high engagement rates. Hence, the conclusion – WhatsApp is now an essential application to connect with your target audience, as opposed to other social channels. So what’s the wait? Let team Xcentric Services begin marketing your business on WhatsApp.

The Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

As compared to other social media channels, WhatsApp offers users a lot of benefits, such as the following;

  • Cost-free and Algorithm-free

The application allows sending messages to an entire subscriber base without any cost. However, with Facebook and Instagram, businesses are limited to pay-and-play algorithms that restrict organic reach.

  • High Engagement Message Alerts 

WhatsApp notifies customers when a business sends them a message via push notification. And according to research, there’s a 70% chance that these messages get opened within minutes. Thus, exceeding the performance of other marketing channels.

  • Scalable yet private conversations

It enables direct contact with customers without any third-party viewing the conversation. So yes, those awkward social media disputes are now avoidable!

  • Notably Loyal Subscriber Base

Opt-outs are less on WhatsApp, and many businesses claim that the traffic they get from this application is the best. All you need is a well-executed strategy, and you are all set to WhatsApp!

How We Strategize a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign?

Now that you know what WhatsApp Business Marketing is and what benefits it has in stores for business, might as well get to know how we strategize WhatsApp Marketing campaigns?

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Setting up to SEND

Initially, once our client chooses the phone number they wish to use for sending the messages, we create their Business Account. Though most importantly, at this point, we make sure to configure the following with the WhatsApp Marketing Campaign;

  • Business Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Status defining the Business

Next, we create a plan of how to name the contacts and broadcast list.

  • Launching Big and Bold

WhatsApp extends no recommended users functionality, no branded links to your online web store, and no Ads. Hence, to make sure that our client’s audience is aware of them being on WhatsApp, we go BIG.

We know you might be thinking what’s with going BIG. Well, unfortunately, small lists of contacts make no difference when it comes to sending a WhatsApp Promotion Message manually. Hence, to maximize online conversions, we try adding more and more contacts in the first place and message the customer first with a welcome note or something similar. Thus, creating a sense of excitement and urgency.

  • Post Launch

At this point, the fun begins. We begin tracking how well the campaign is progressing. And honestly, it becomes more interesting to interpret everything as time passes by. All in all, our team keeps on tweaking and optimizing the campaign to improve the performance; until the client achieves the best of results aka SALES.


Being an agency, we won’t be surprised if we came across a business with a website that lists their WhatsApp number. The trend is clear. There is no denying the fact that WhatsApp is taking the marketing world by storm.

Hence, we suggest, start focusing on how WhatsApp is changing consumer behavior. And once you are ready to invest in a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy, get in touch with us. We understand what pays off for every business when it comes to tapping into WhatsApp as a marketing channel. Rest assured, your investment will pay off once you get on board with us!







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