WhatsApp Latest Update: Is The Messaging App Changing Data-Sharing Practices?

kashif ali

  • Jan 19, 2021

Whatsapp has made it to the headlines in the recent tech news by rolling out in-app notifications to its users about an update in Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Technically, this WhatsApp Latest Update is regarding how the application will share user data and partner with Facebook to offer integrations across the products the social giant offers. Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we, Xcentric Services, thought of clearing out the air as the update is receiving criticism A LOT. So let’s get into the details of What’s New In WhatsApp right away!

What Is The WhatsApp Latest Update All About?

Even though the Facebook-owned messaging app has been receiving criticism from a multitude of users globally, the update has not changed the application’s data-sharing practices. But to continue using the service, WhatsApp users need to agree to the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Services by 8th February 2021.

Unfortunately, this update kick-started a series of conversations all over the internet on WhatsApp sharing user information with Facebook and not maintaining privacy. The rival platforms of WhatsApp like Signal and Telegram took this as an opportunity and have reportedly seen an increase in downloads.

To share his views on the WhatsApp New Latest Update 2021 matter, Will Cathcart – Head of WhatsApp tweeted a series of tweets on Twitter. In the tweets, he mentioned that the company updated the policies just to be more transparent and better describe the people-to-business features.

He further mentioned that this update was important for being clearer with our users and has not changed the data-sharing practices. It is simply an update that will better business communications on WhatsApp.

With these tweets, we being a Digital Marketing Agency are sure that there will be no impact on how a business or people communicate privately all around the world on WhatsApp. With being committed to end-to-end encryption (E2E), neither can the WhatsApp people see private chats or calls, nor Facebook. Thus assuring that the company will remain committed to its E2E policy even after the WhatsApp Latest Update.

In one of the tweets, Cathcart also said that WhatsApp competes with other messaging apps when it comes to privacy, and that is very beneficial for the digital world. At Xcentric Services, we too believe that people need to have choices in how they want to communicate and feel confident that their chat is private.

WhatsApp New Latest Update 2021

The Responses And Concerns On The Update

Even though the tweets by Cathcart were convincing enough, we came across varied responses from users on WhatsApp Latest Update Features. Some of them were concerned about the data-sharing practice followed between WhatsApp and Facebook post the update and some had other concerns too. Our marketing team at Xcentric Services has listed all those concerns here and answered them after comprehensively analyzing the update.

Will WhatsApp Use User Data For Ads?

We all know that WhatsApp does not show any Ads yet and currently has no plans to show them in the future too. So if you were worried that your personal messages will be used to target WhatsApp Ads, hush away these thoughts. This will not happen as messages you send or receive on WhatsApp are encrypted. However, in our consideration, this update will certainly improve the user experience across the messaging application.

Are WhatsApp Messages Being Stored?

According to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, none of the messages are stored on WhatsApp. Once a message is delivered, it is instantly deleted from WhatsApp’s servers. However, the undelivered messages are stored for the user to re-send them later if they want. Usually, these messages stay on the server for up to 30 days in an encrypted form until WhatsApp delivers them. After 30 days, if the message is still undelivered, it is deleted from the servers.

What Does The Update Say About Data-Sharing With Businesses?

In the WhatsApp Latest Update, it has been explained how businesses get user data when the users interact with them on the messaging app. When a user shares a message or any information with a business account on WhatsApp, that information is seen by several people. Why? Simply because every business is operated by several people who have access to the WhatsApp business account.

Explaining this WhatsApp Plus Latest Update to the users was extremely important as every other business in Pakistan and around the world is on WhatsApp – making it a potential monetisation platform. Precisely, the policy said that businesses on WhatsApp manage communications with customers using the data users share with them. Hence, to ensure that your data is protected, ready the privacy policy of the business you are interacting with on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Latest Update Features

Is It Mandatory To Accept The New Privacy Policy Update?

Yes. And this is not just the case with WhatsApp as every application follows this standard practice. If being a user, you do not want to accept the new privacy policy, you can simply delete your account and switch to another messaging app.

Need Help With WhatsApp Marketing?

With us answering all your concerns, you might be convinced that WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will not affect the apps data-sharing practices. And now, being a business, you want to leverage WhatsApp Marketing to boost your sales and communicate with customers? Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services as we provide result-driven WhatsApp Marketing Services.







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