What Makes Us The Best Social Media Marketing Company In Pakistan?

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  • May 04, 2021


Social media marketing requires both – Strategy and Creativity. Even though it might seem overwhelming at first to be on social media as a business, the importance cannot be ignored. Being on social media is so important for a business that now, more than 90% of marketers use social media platforms to sell their products and services. As a Social Media Marketing Company, we at Xcentric Services can do the same for you. The benefits will surely extend far beyond just increased sales.

The Benefits Of Hiring Us As Your Social Media Marketing Company

Not sure if social media marketing is your way ahead? Well, quite honestly, there are many businesses out there like you who are not aware of the benefits of this marketing channel. In fact, 50% of small businesses in Pakistan are still not using social media for marketing their products and services. Even worst, they are not even planning to take this way in the future either. Clearly, you as a business need to know the benefits of social media marketing NOW. Hence, we have them all covered here. Keep scrolling to go through the benefits of getting our Social Media Marketing Services.

Social Media Marketing Services

·   Brand Recognition

Getting recognized as a brand by customers is every business’s goal. Why? Because of consumer behavior – where purchases are made from brands they recognize. With us marketing your business on social media, you can build your brand on social platforms easily and effectively. It will get you more benefits as compared to the traditional marketing methods.

Moreover, we will also get your audience to look at your products and services; even when they are not thinking of purchasing your brand. How? By simply paying attention to your social media profiles. For example, our marketing team will check if your cover photo on Facebook is relevant, if your feed is updated regularly, and are the customers are acknowledged on comments. All of these things couple up and create brand recognition – which increases with time.

·    Generate Conversations

Social media marketing strategies that we plan and put into action at Xcentric Services for brands generate conversations with their target audience around products and services. But the question is – how do we initiate such conversations being a Social Media Marketing Company? By engaging with the client’s target audience on social media platforms when they comment on the brand’s posts and leave reviews. This way, we ensure the potential customers that there is someone behind the brand who understands them. Thus, making them feel more valued.

Besides, some other ways we converse with a brand’s target audience is by sharing content that naturally initiates conversations. Such as giving shout-outs to influencers and other brands it works with and asking open-ended questions to the customers through polls and posts.

Social Media Marketing Company

·      Social Listening

Social listening for us is all about monitoring the conversations happening on a brand’s social media profiles. It helps us better understand what is important for the target audience of the brand and pinpoint trends they follow.

As a marketing tactic, social listening also allows us to learn what the target audience is struggling with when it comes to buying from a brand and connecting with it. Besides, it has also helped us identify the tone and language of a brand’s target audience. For example, one of our clients was selling products to a younger demographic. In their social media posts, we preferred using slang language – just as the young audience to instantly connect with them.

·      Audience Research

Quite similar to social listening, audience research means searching the keywords that a brand’s target audience uses to search for their products and services – through social media. Our marketing team researches the audience by viewing the Insights available on most social media platforms for all the posts on the feed. Once the research concludes, marketing strategies are put to action for increasing sales and boosting online conversion rates.

·      Exceptional Customer Service

The savvy customers of today expect the brands to handle their purchase orders and answer question on social media platforms which they are actively using. Hence, when providing Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan, we make sure to focus more on customer service. By providing the customers the best support services, we build meaningful relationships between them and the brand.

·       Customer Loyalty

What could possibly be better than customers being loyal to a brand? Customers are smart and only interact with brands that they love. However, the interesting fact is that more than 50% of them end up becoming loyal customers if they are provided the BEST of everything. For us at Xcentric Services, this is an obvious correlation – the customer follows a brand and connects with it to later choose it over its competitors. And, in the best-case scenario, these loyal customers are the ones who increase website traffic and improve the bottom line.

social media marketing

Want To Get All These Benefits For Your Business?

There you have it – some convincing benefits of hiring us for marketing your business on social media. All you have to do now to hire Xcentric Services as your Social Media Marketing Agency by getting in touch with us at connect@xcentricservices.com. Our marketing team will then sit together with your in-house team and plan out a social media marketing strategy; to double your sales.







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