What Makes Shopify Website Prices Worth Investment For Businesses?

kashif ali

  • Nov 22, 2021


In the 21st century, E-Commerce has become a defining trend evolving rapidly along the way. It took just a few businesses to prove that customers can conveniently buy from an online web store – without having to step out of their homes. If you are planning to start your E-Commerce business, there are many factors you need to put in place. Payment processing gateways, shipping options, and many more aspects are not easy to handle. Hence, the smart way out is to pay the Shopify Website Prices and hire Xcentric Services to handle everything.

But First – Why Shopify?

Shopify is a popular platform that helps businesses make their E-Commerce projects a success. It allows managing online web stores from one dashboard while directing resources to different areas.

Are you still confused if investing in Shopify Development Services is the right fit for your business? Well then, let us get you into the details of how launching an online web store will get you the most ROI. In this blog, we have gone over all the benefits Shopify provides as an E-Commerce platform and its pricing plans. Read through it to make an informed decision.

Shopify Website Pricing Plans – Which One Fits Your Budget?

To meet the budget of online retailers and satisfy requirements according to their business size, Shopify offers tiered pricing plans. Currently, for clients at Xcentric Services, we use one of the following subscription plans:

  • Shopify Lite
  • Basic Shopify
  • Shopify
  • Advanced Shopify
  • Shopify Plus

No matter which pricing plan you choose to subscribe to, Shopify offers a 14-day FREE TRIAL without asking for the credit card details. Moreover, if the development process is mid-way and the trial period ends, we can get you an extension from Shopify. Later on, once the development is complete and the web store is good to be launched, you can pick a plan.

5 Pros Of Using Shopify For E-Commerce Development

Now that you have got past the defining features of Shopify and its pricing plans, we assume that you want to know how well it will complement your E-Commerce project. Here then, scroll down – we have a list of pros the platform provides right here. Getting through it, you will understand all the upsides of the E-Commerce platform and how our Shopify Experts make them all work for clients.

1.  Seamless Operations

One of the best pros of launching an online web store on Shopify is how well it streamlines business workflows. It is an E-Commerce platform with features designed to help online retailers handle the technicalities and complications of their retail store. Therefore, leaving them with more time to focus on other aspects of their business operations.

Considering it all, using the drag-and-drop features in Shopify and the customization, we make sure to launch a perfectly running online web store for every client. Want us to do the same for you? Get in touch with us.

2.  Themes & Customisations

Shopify offers many themed and customization options to online retailers, ensuring that their online web store looks appealing to their customers. By leveraging the theme and customization options, we implement better online retailing techniques for our clients. Besides, this will also mean that none of the Shopify-hosted web stores we develop look similar – making you stand out in the competition.

At affordable Shopify Website Prices, retailers can choose between various themes for getting started on the platform. The cherry on top – some of them are free-to-use. However, for some with extended customization options, you will have to pay. Moreover, there are broad categories ranging from food to clothing, art, nature, and more. To have your web store up on the BEST one, describe your dream web store appearance, and we will help you choose the fitting theme.

 Shopify Website Prices.

3.   App Store

Once you start using Shopify as your E-Commerce platform, it will feel like a full-fledged environment. A reason behind that is its built-in app store home to hundreds and thousands of plugins and extensions for online web stores.

By launching a web store on Shopify, you can do more than just sell online because it is more like a mobile application. And so, by integrating solutions available on the app store, we at Xcentric Services help retailers organize and automate the operations of their web store. For example, there is an application for managing shipping, inventory, accounting,

and everything in between – there is an app available for every purpose.

If a client needs some functionalities that no app available on the App Store provides, our developers get onto Shopify App Development and meet their needs. In addition, because Shopify is partners with other E-Commerce solutions, we can integrate them too to get you benefits from their functionalities.

4.   Marketing Prospects

On paying Shopify Website Prices, businesses do not only get an online web store but also features that allow marketing it conveniently and quickly. Nowadays, launching an online web store and taking the back seat is not enough. Retailers need to leverage marketing channels like SEO and social media to reach more customers. Luckily, tools supporting such robust marketing are there in Shopify, and we at Xcentric Services take them as an opportunity.

Using the marketing tools Shopify provides, we enable our clients to create discount codes for their customers and share product links across social media and the internet. Besides, the platform is also supportive of data visualization add-ons and SEO keyword generation. Hence, we also use them to provide clients an insight into the performance of their running marketing campaigns.

5.   Robust Support

Online retailers need tools that help with issues and queries along their retailing journey. While team Xcentric Services will be there to help you 24/7, Shopify also provides dedicated customer support to every store on the platform. Whenever a retailer needs help, they can connect with them over live chat or emails.

Moreover, a growing community of Shopify users is also there to rescue retailers through their E-Commerce journey. There are online forums where questions can be asked, and ideas can be shared. Thus, giving a HUGE advantage to online retailers – along with the benefit of having our back.

 Shopify Website Prices

Wrapping Up

Shopify is our first recommendation if you ask us which platform to choose for starting your E-Commerce business from scratch. It is packed with countless features that are robust and convenient – giving online retailers the time to focus on other business aspects.

Besides, now that you know the cons of launching a web store on the platform, do not look elsewhere to get it developed at affordable Shopify Website Prices. Contact us TODAY at Xcentric Services, and we will launch for you a web store that sets you apart from competitors in the E-Commerce world.







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