What Is New In Google Analytics 360?

kashif ali

  • Dec 22, 2021

Google Analytics 360 has moved to a completely new era of application and web tracking with its properties. For a long time, everyone was awaiting for its official release. SEO experts were the ones extra excited. Why? Simply because Analytics 360 would help them better understand customers with customizations, enterprise-level support, and scalable tools.

Earlier in October 2021, it was finally announced that Google Analytics will help organizations in meeting the challenges; to generate better ROI from marketing strategies. Other than just enabling to expand implementations, reinvent analytics strategies, and refine analysis abilities with each update and feature release, it will provide privacy-safe solutions. Want to know more about what it has in stores for you? Keep reading the blog!

Google analytic new feature

Top Features In The New Google Analytics 360

Today, we are here for introducing you to the new Analytics 360 built on the basic properties of Google Analytics 4. The properties address the needs of agencies requiring extended customizations and enterprise-level support for Effective Advertising. However, because it is newly launched, making the most out of it can be hard – and that is where Xcentric Services comes to the rescue and leverages the following features right:

1.     Flexible Tools

Being a large enterprise, you might have multiple teams onboard needing access to various insights depending on the task, products, and target market. For instance, consider that a team in Pakistan and UAE needs to see the data of five product lines; to understand what is driving their sales.

Using brand-new Google Analytics 360, we can help you create five different product line properties for the teams in both countries and customize the settings. Each of them links with Google Ads and the Google Marketing Platform accounts used for running campaigns in different countries.

Moreover, we also dedicated our team of analysts for every country that the client operates in. Thus, ensuring that the data across product lines is accessible for understanding what is driving sales. To make it all work, we dedicate roll-up properties are in both countries – across every product line. Therefore, ensuring that the audience interested in the client’s products is better understood.

Besides, businesses can also create their user roles in Analytics 360 for controlling the feature access of certain groups of users. For example, you can create a role for us as your partner agency so that we understand the campaigns better and know which ones are driving more conversions. Another option that Analytics 360 provides is assigning custom user roles to selected report collections, which are based on aspects like customer acquisition. This way, the partner agency, and team, both get access to the needed data in compliance with the policies.

Google analytics new features

2.     Scalable Solutions

With time, businesses grow and what becomes more demanding is their need for Marketing Experiments. Analytics 360 scales along growth with its higher limit of up to 125 custom dimensions, 50 conversion types, and 400 audiences. Moreover, for running a personalized analysis, it allows exporting millions and billions of events held daily on BigQuery.

In addition, by leveraging the scalable solution, our SEO experts will also get you more into the nitty-gritty of insights; accessing the sampled results in the explore module. Besides, along with higher limits, with the new API and interface of Analytics 360, our SEO team get continuous access to intraday data. Usually, the data appears within sixty minutes after the collection. Hence, encouraging real-time and fast decisions making for the business, aka, client.

3.     Support & Enterprise-Level Performance

Across multiple product functionalities like data collecting, processing, reporting, and attribution, Analytics 360 comes along with legal agreements (SLAs). First time in history, an SLA is introduced for BigQuery in the software solution daily export, giving agencies peace of mind when analyzing clients’ data.

Moreover, because multiple teams get to work together using Analytics 360, we leverage its features; to closely monitor changes made to the setting of the client’s account. Though besides that, it has come along with a more robust Change History that allows reviewing edited settings. For instance – when the Google Ad account was linked to Analytics 360 or a new conversion was created by the team members with an Effective Marketing Strategy.



Amazed by all the new features in Google Analytics 360 and cannot wait to leverage it for your business? To put a cherry on top of it all, Google plans on adding even more advanced functionalities to it. Thus, ensuring a better view of who can access data and the changes made to it.

So, now that Analytics 360 is available for everyone, why not upgrade to it from Google Analytics 4 Properties? We know that this sounds like too much work. But hey, no worries because team Xcentric Services has got your back. Get in touch with us and let our SEO team take up the responsibility of upgradation; while you handle other business tasks.







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