What Is Mobile App Development & How Is It Done?

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  • Apr 06, 2022

With mobile getting to the forefront of digital experiences, understanding what is Mobile App Development and how it can be used for business growth has become urgent. Mobile application development agencies like Xcentric Services and you too can easily note that mobile applications are expected to accelerate growth in 2022 and the years to come.  Talking of revenues, in 2023, the global revenues from mobile applications are projected to be around $935 billion.

Not an actually surprising number – if not a trend you expected to occur especially after the downloads of mobile applications reached 218 billion in 2022. Is it already beginning to sound like an exciting next adventure for your business? Then perhaps, you would want to explore more about mobile application development before you jump on the bandwagon.

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First – What Is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development is simply an act of developing applications, especially for devices like smartphones and tablets. They are delivered as web applications or pre-installed on mobile devices.

Even though it is sounding simple, there are many aspects that App Developers in Lahore take into consideration when building a mobile application. Things like layout, device interactions, and user interface are planned out for providing smooth and seamless user experiences within the application environment.

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How Many Types Of Mobile Applications Can Be Built?

Is it your first time developing a mobile application? Then, you will be surprised to hear that four different types of mobile apps can be built. Knowing about them will help you in identifying and communicating your needs to the Expert Mobile Application Developers at Xcentric.

  1. Native Mobile Apps – traditional applications that are specifically made for the operating system of a phone, like iOS or Android apps. These applications are built for one platform and provide an optimized experience to the customers by being fast and reliable in terms of performance.
  2. HTML5 Mobile Apps – working almost similar to native mobile applications, these have to be accessed from a web browser on a tablet or mobile phone. Technically, these are websites that easily adapt to the interface of the devices of users. This kind of mobile app is cost-efficient in terms of development because of its adaptability.
  3. Hybrid Mobile Apps – completing the traditional feel and look of native applications, these are actually web applications. Developing this application takes less coding but it is still a great option even for those using a slow internet connection.
  4. Progressive Web Apps – a combination of mobile and web applications. They are made using multiple technologies providing multiple features such as being installable, available offline, sending mobile notifications, and many more. When it comes to mobile application development, PWAs are considered the new standard.

App Developers in Lahore

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Which Mobile App Development Platforms Are Available?

Now that you are familiar with the types of mobile applications that you can create, it is time to decide which Mobile App Development platform to use. Here are some popular and most common ones used by us for many of our clients at Xcentric Services:

· Android Development Platform

Considering that Android tablets and mobile phones are used widely all around the world, it is one of the best platforms out there for Mobile Application Development. With an android application, you will get access to more potential customers on a variety of devices like mobiles, tablets, and more.

· iOS Development Platform

Certain regulations related to device distribution and programming language are followed by Apple, which makes it a closed platform. So, if you want to develop an iOS application, be prepared for adhering to the rules. Post the launch, you will also have to keep up with system updates that come up from time to time. All of this means that you will be working closely with a Mobile Application Developer in Lahore.

· Cross-Platform Apps

Are you looking for a cost-effective way for developing a mobile application? Well then, THIS is the platform to be on. It is used by HTML5 mobile applications united with native plugins. While you surely save time on coding, some of the frameworks have limitations. Hence, it is best to get the help of application developers.

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Mobile Application Development Process: An Overview

Launching a mobile application successfully is a difficult process. One misstep can cause you to repeat the steps right from the start. Developing an app for your business means you will have to create a flow that is scaled to the requirements and capabilities of your business. However, if you do not know how to get started on that, here are the steps that you can take to build an app.

Good News: You can also invest in the Mobile Application Development Services in Pakistan that we provide at Xcentric Services if you already have a lot on your plate to handle. And do not worry, every business does the same in 2022 – because after all, who has got the time to learn the basics of application development and then get started on it?

Mobile Application Development Services in Pakistan

Develop The BIG Idea

Even though it sounds cliché, everything starts with a lightbulb moment, even if it is an unclear one. Ideally, the idea should be inspired by the way you imagine the mobile application to solve problems for the end-users.

Here, you need to have a deep understanding of your customers and brand – what engages them? And which aspects of their life can you make easy with an application? A solid data background of insight development and data will help in this area tremendously. In short, take a look at the limitations and possibilities of having an application before investing time and money into its development.

Build Wireframe & Establish Workflow

Once your idea is set, start listing down the data and functionalities that you want the customers to see on the application. Establishing workflow and wireframing are the common best practices for Mobile App Development that help teams go about building effectively.

Wireframing is ensuring that every functional element has a place in the application. They can be found many times in the frame or even once, depending on the relevance and importance. Technically, this step is very important in the development process as coding is dependent on it.

Once you are done with the wireframe, move on to creating the workflow of your application. It is the funnels or pathways through which the users travel within the environment of the application. In this phase, counting how many clicks it takes for a user to complete an action is important. Lesser the clicks, the better the workflow.

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Assess Technical Feasibility

When the workflow and wireframe are in place, it is time to focus on the technical feasibility of the mobile application. As mentioned before, Mobile Application Development in Lahore has many requirements.

Hence, it is important to evaluate and assess if the functions and elements are correctly implemented, compatible with the devices of end-users, and legal. Even if there is one loose string, never go ahead with launching the application. Step back, get the app to undergo a technical feasibility check, and make sure it meets the application development standards.

Prototype Mobile Application

mobile app developers

When the signal goes GREEN, start creating a prototype of the mobile application. It involves mapping out the overall feel, look, and functionality of the end product without going through the complete coding process. To create a prototype, the mobile app developers can analyze the following points of a mobile application:

  • Concept Efficiency
  • User Experiences
  • Overall App Outcome

Incorporate UI Design & UX

Now comes the fun part. Take your workflow and wireframes and replace all the grayscale elements with the actual application design. Here, you can also incorporate the style guide of your brand. However, make sure that you do not stay limited to the style guide only.

Look around other trendy applications and incorporate some of their design elements that you think will help make your mobile application the talk of the town. Here is a pro tip: stay consistent when using the elements while designing landing pages and frames. It will provide the users with a frictionless experience in the application.

Develop The Mobile Application

At this step, the developers will analyze the design, workflow, and overall framework for coming up with the code needed for deploying the finished mobile application. BUT, before you take this step, ensure that everything is approved – from the design to the workflow, and prototype.

In the worst case, if a change comes up when the mobile application is under development, it will mean going back to square one. And, you do not want that, right? Think about all your considerations early on during the process, like compatibility with different platforms and the tools you will be using.

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Test The Mobile Application

After you are done with coding, test the application before going ahead with deploying it. For an unbiased and thorough evaluation and testing process, get third-party evaluators to test the application and ask them to check:

  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • User Experience
  • Device Testing

Done will all the steps of polishing and approval? Go ahead, hit the LAUNCH button, and deploy the application on multiple app stores. However, also keep in mind that everything did not end here – you have to optimize the application for maximum visibility. And, for that, you can promote it on different digital channels.

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