What is Footfall Counting? Taking mystery out of people counting

John Smith

  • Feb 27, 2019

Right now we are passing through the era of innovations in technology regarding every field of life either it concerns health or it covers the revenue generation of businesses.

Every businessman or even a common person wants to be up to date with the latest technology trends in the world. People counting or you can also say footfall counting is one of the innovations which are trying to help out the retailers and other industries to boost up the performance with the accurate data of customer behavior.

The study of customer behavior is a vast field so just sticking to the point, people counter gives the data to study the targeted and potential customers so that you can get your business boosted and generate more revenues. If you are a retailer or own any shopping store or mall even if you are connected to the business or non-profitable organization but you have to experience a crowd of people and you are just tired of people counting calculations manually allow people counting camera to do the task for you with maximum accuracy of 98%.

Xcentric Services is partners with V Count which is the world’s biggest people counter manufacturer. Both Xcentric Services and V Count are on a mission to provide ease and an opportunity to improve your business by pure people counting data. Visit Xcentric Services website store to get the best people counting camera prices and people-counting products.

So the question remains the same what is footfall counting? Footfall counting or people counting is the latest method to count people at a place such as a mall, store, and museum to generate the data of counting plus the journey track of the customer or the visitor with the help of people counter devices. These people counters are available in different technologies and with different features. The purpose is the same to produce the highly accurate data possible.

Some people just get confused on how people counting or tracking can help us in our business. The solution is very simple. People counting devices are installed on the entry and exit of a building or in crowded places. So whenever there is a customer or visitor the device counts him and keep a track of his journey.

Like if he enters the store the retailer will know at which shopping departments he went, how long he stayed, what he was looking for, and which departments he just ignored. This is the customer behavior that should be known to a retailer but it is tough to keep an eye on all customers so people counters help the retailer with that.

Data collection of people counting is improved and made easy for the retailers. Now you can get the people counting data report on your mobile phone via the internet. You can save the reports and the data from the device to cloud storage. The fun part is that if you are away from your mall or store still you can know the real-time people count on your phone. The main purpose of all of this is to create authentic data. So the safety of the data is the priority by the manufacturers.

Scheduling the staff at the crowded and less crowded time helps to minimize the staff cost and better customer experience. Don’t waste your time on thinking people counting is actually an important investment for your business and this is the right time because the idea is already implemented by many of the retailers in Pakistan so if you want to be in the race you better have good tools to compete others. Xcentric Services is providing you an opportunity to improve your business. Get the people counting camera prices and the best people counting solutions on Xcentric Services website store.







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