What are the common myths about SEO 2022?

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 26, 2019


In the world of folklore and mythical thinking, it’s no surprise when you expect unrealistic results from the SEO specialists. SEO service companies can only do so much to optimize your website. Small businesses tend to fall prey to these myths more because of their low budget and need to be recognized. Let’s look for the common myths you want to avoid believing in.

SEO results can be Guaranteed

When people talk about web development, yes, that can be guaranteed. However, SEO is not the same as web development. It’s way more complex. It is the “organic search” we are talking about. Being dependent on search engines like Google, there is no guarantee of your specific results but we can sure try and achieve them but no guarantees that the position will be maintained, especially with keywords with high competition.

What an SEO specialist can guarantee is his 100% effort and best optimization techniques to rank your website at the top. More often than not these websites drive the results you want but no one can say for sure.

Ranking can be achieved instantly

The rule of thumb with SEO that you should always remember, is that it takes its sweet time. It can never give quick results because this is not an easy fix. It’s more like that turtle who slowly and steadily wins the race. If not more, then it at least takes 3 months before the results to start kicking in. And it is certainly not a one-and-done deal. It’s a constant effort that will make your ranking will improve.

Other than making false claims, some SEO services would indulge in black hat SEO activities that Google hates and will penalize you. And believe us when we tell you that getting out of Google’s bad books will be a nightmare. It will be a matter of minutes for your website to lose its presence and you don’t want that.

Results can be seen, not the SEO tasks

It’s understandable when you want to flaunt your work. It’s also understandable when SEO professionals show off their work because they can. So whoever told you that SEO Services in Pakistan’s progress in terms of tasks cannot be seen, is trying to hide something. You might want to avoid them.

There has to be transparency in every business you do and if your respective Digital Marketing Agency is not sharing details of their on-page activities or link building, you might want to start reconsidering your options. Because you can very well see the SEO tasks as you can see its results. Also, this lack of transparency might lead you to be penalized by the search engines when you least expect it.

Nobody knows the reason behind the High Ranking

A professional SEO would know for a fact what is causing the fluctuation on the website and will also tell you what exactly will bring your ranking up. Search Engines are the clearest things out there and are fairly simple to understand.

Your SEO handler is the best person to explain the fluctuation and make sense of whether it is because of an update in the algorithms or is it the website structure that is the reason why there is a problem.


We all love to stick to the stories we were told growing up. That’s okay to have cultural connectivity but to make an educationally sound decision you need to understand the difference between a fact and a myth. And especially, when you are running a business without being able to differentiate between myths and facts, you might be incurring a loss in terms of money as well as time.

We hope this article helped make a wise decision in choosing the right person to manage your SEO and if the information isn’t sufficient, feel free to call us at Xcentric Services and we’ll find a way through with our Digital Marketing Services. We are not only qualified but also believe in the transparency of dealing. So you can trust us.







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