What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Xcentric As Your Shopify E-Commerce Development Company?

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  • Nov 27, 2021

E-Commerce is at its all-time height. The travel bans, closure of physical retail stores, and travel bans forced consumers to shop online.  Even some of the largest retailers had to just sell online only – because there was no other option. However, unfortunately, not all of them had an infrastructure in place to deliver their customers an impressive online shopping experience. To better compete in the times of the pandemic, if you too are suffering because of no infrastructure, hire Xcentric Services as your Shopify E-Commerce Development Company. With us launching your web store on Shopify, you will stand out in the crowded world of E-Commerce.

First things first, online retailing needs to be fast and sustainable with automated order placement, payment, shipping, and delivery. Shopify is a retailer-favourite platform that makes it all possible. Top it off with our expertise – and you will be good to retail online.

Top 5 Benefits Of Investing In Shopify Website Development

During and post the pandemic, the E-Commerce industry has grown a lot as the demand for the online presence of brands increased. In times like these, we understand that finding help to launch a digital storefront for your business is difficult.

We at Xcentric Services provide Shopify Development Services that include developing and launching web stores for business. Our team helps with customized development, migrations, integrations, maintenance and provides support around the clock. Want to know more details about why Shopify and WE should be your pick? Listed below are some benefits you can get with us having your back while getting onto Shopify – and of course, the online retailing arena.

Shopify E-Commerce Development Company

1.  Easy Usage

Worried because you are a small business owner without any tech background and knowledge of terms like product SKUs, Hosting, and JavaScript? By hiring us as your Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, you can leave the job of creating and launching the web store on us.

Besides, it is not just about the development part that impresses but also the fact that the Shopify dashboard is quite easy to use, even for non-tech people. There are sections for everything – products, text, maps, and more. Even if it is just making some changes to the content, without any hardcoding and the help of a developer, you can put things in place.

2.  Affordable Themes

Shopify has a theme store from where retailers can choose a theme for their online retail store. Some of the themes are paid, but there are FREE ones too. Even though they are affordable, there is an option to explore them without paying and then pay for one when you are actually ready to buy. Also, right now, it might seem like just visiting a store and picking up a product of your preference.

Too many options can confuse and only looking at the appearance of the theme is not enough. Responsiveness, customization options, and many more aspects need to be considered. Hence, you can leave this responsibility as well on the shoulder of the development team at Xcentric Services. They will help you choose a theme without you having to pay for it upfront and test it first – guaranteeing a smart decision.

3.   Shopify App Store

There is an app store of Shopify that has applications that allow adding any and every functionality to a web store. Practically, the needs and requirements of E-Commerce businesses keep on changing. Hence, to meet those needs, we integrate applications and plugins for client web stores on Shopify.

Also, being Shopify Partner, we get onto Shopify App Development for clients that need personalized applications. Therefore, helping them in every possible way to sell successfully and provide a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience to their customers.

Shopify E-Commerce Development Company

4.    Integrations

When looking forward to integrations, Shopify is one of the perfect picks because it does not require third-party plugins like WordPress. For some more convincing, let us list down all the integrations that Shopify supports.

  • Facebook Shop Integration
  • Built-in Google Merchant Account Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Logistics Integration
  • Global ERP Integration

In our opinion, retailers should choose an E-Commerce platform that integrates well with their business structure. If it does not, they remain cursed with operating issues and blocks that delay work and irritate the customers.

Being a leading Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we have onboard a team of developers who can help you with customized integrations. Hence, you can count on us to grow your existing business and online web store without any effect on the operations with Shopify integrations.

5.   SEO Friendliness

Editing the essential parts of a web store like the product descriptions and other content is easy on Shopify, making it SEO friendly from the marketing point of view. Every component of SEO is built-in, so no matter what is required to optimize the web store for search, Shopify will have you covered.

The cherry on top? When launching the Shopify web store for clients at Xcentric Services, we optimized them by adding meta descriptions, titles, and editing URLs. Hence, post-launch, you will not have much to worry about as the basics of SEO will be in place.

Shopify E-Commerce Development Company

Ready To Get Started On Shopify?

Pandemic and changing customer behaviour seemed to be a great love story – because it reshaped the future of retail. Almost every brand now has an online presence along with a brick-and-mortar store. Have you too joined the bandwagon? If not, NOW is the time to hire Xcentric Services as your Shopify E-Commerce Development Company.

With the help of our Shopify Experts, you can beat the competition in the online retailing world and hold on to a strong presence. To get your development project quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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