What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Social Media Marketing Company?

kashif ali

  • Sep 29, 2021

Social media marketing demands both – creativity and strategy. While it does seem overwhelming to handle at first, the importance cannot be ignored. More than 90% of marketers are using social media platforms for marketing businesses. Plus, the benefits of the platforms extend beyond just the sales. However, unfortunately, not many businesses are aware of the benefits of promoting their business on social media platforms. Clearly, there is a need for them to see the benefits and join the bandwagon by hiring a Social Media Marketing Company. Some benefits that we at Xcentric Services provide to clients when marketing their business on social media platforms are:

Social Media Marketing Services

1.   Brand Recognition

Gaining recognition as a brand is one of the most important marketing goals of a business because the customers only buy from brands that they recognize. Luckily, social media platforms allow building brand awareness and recognition easily. Moreover, they also get the target audience to look at a brand, even more, when its products or services are talked about on social media.

One way we create brand recognition for our clients when providing Social Media Marketing Services is by paying attention to the overall profile, cover photos, and feed. Alongside, we also make sure that the visuals and content on the page are not distracting or overwhelming. Rest assured, every visual element posted represents the brand well.

2.   Connecting With Audience With Social Listening

Social listening means monitoring the social conversations about a brand that happen around certain topics. As a Social Media Marketing Company, we focus on this aspect because it helps understand what is important to the target audience of our clients and the trends they follow.

By using the social listening tactic, we learn about what the target audience is struggling with and then create content that addresses those pain points. Moreover, it also helps us identify the language and tone that the target audience of the brand uses. Thus, giving us a hint of what kind of strategies to target.

3.   Building Customer Loyalty

Does anything sound better than getting to build brand loyalty for FREE? The savvy customers of today interact and connect with a brand that they enjoy. But what is more interesting is that more than half of them that are connecting with a business on social media platforms are loyal ones. Hence, considering this obvious connection, we get the target audience of clients at Xcentric Services to follow them on social media – versus their competitors. And when the loyal ones start following them, the traffic volume on the website and conversions eventually increase.

Social media marketing agency

4.    Referral Traffic

Investing in social media marketing helps with sending the potential customers directly to the website. It is very unlikely that the traffic drives directly from the search engines and social media platforms allow traffic from many streams. Hence, we get referral traffic to the client’s website by posting blogs on their social media feed. However, even though it is a great way to drive traffic, we stay mindful of what type of blogs to post and when to post. Because after all, we do not want our client to look promotional and turn off the customers. Besides it all, our team also plans a schedule for content posting to ensure there is no mistake and the client approves of every post.

5.     Link Building

Social media marketing has a direct impact on SEO. For instance, assume that you got 1000 shares on a blog you posted because it contained valuable information. Some of the followers who saw your post might write similar content and link it back to the original blog as the source. The search engines pick up on this that your content has been linked many times and ranks you higher than others on search engine result pages. We at Xcentric Services leverage this algorithm and post quality content on the feed of client’s social media to generate links. Thus, increasing their ranks and driving more traffic.

6.     Retargeting Audience

When it comes to social media marketing, retargeting works as a magic wand. Normally, only a few customers actually purchase something from a brand when they visit it for the first time. But, when we advertise the brand being a Social Media Marketing Company, the count of customers making a purchase increases.

We make retargeting work by making a list of those who visit the website of our client and accept the COOKIES within their browser. Later on, whenever they visit a social media platform, we retarget them with Ads. Therefore, allowing our client to be in the eyes of the target audience beyond just the website.

Social media marketing agency

Invest In Social Media Marketing NOW!

There, now you know the benefits of investing in social media marketing. We assume that you must be feeling like jumping on the bandwagon right away but you are overwhelmed. Well, look no further and think no more. Hire Xcentric Services for managing every Social Media Marketing Campaign. We are a Social Media Marketing Agency that covers everything when marketing a business – from ideas to insights, conversions, and beyond.







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