Why do websites need SSL and HTTPS?

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 04, 2019

Ever since Google’s last year’s announcement about marking all the websites ‘insecure’ which don’t have an SSL certificate, people are more and more inclined to get the certificate so to avoid being tagged. Web developers providing Web Development Services suggest that these identifiers are a safe way for the website visitors to know. Whether their personal information is protected when they browse on the internet. With an SSL certificate, the site’s URL will display HTTPS indicating a green lock next to the words secures in the URL window.

Google made HTTPS the standard to make the website and consequently, the web secure at large. HTTPS tag is a stamp on the authenticity of the website, making the client’s data safe and sound. This article intends to walk you through the SSL certificate and HTTPS protocols and help you understand, why Google wants it so badly.

How does the SSL function?

Ever heard people mentioning the importance of a security protocol making the communication between the browser and web server encrypted? Right, SSL – Secure Socket Layer is what they are talking about. SSL is the protocol that fortifies the data transmitted between the server and the user using the encryption key on the server.

To establish a secure connection, an SSL certificate is a must. A secure connection means that the transmitted information is connected to the cryptographic key. The information like the name of the certificate holder, the certificate’s serial number, and expiration date. A copy of the certificate holder’s public key, a digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority, is what an SSL certificate entails. To initiate a secure session, when your user navigates to your website. It will send an SSL certificate to the user’s browser with the key that is needed to start the process. It strikes up the SSL handshake, allowing a transfer of information from your website to the browser safely.

How is HTTPS better than HTTP?

HTTPS gets a one up to the HTTP for a couple of reasons but paramount others are the small ‘S’ that marks it secure. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which is used for communication between the visitor’s browser and your website. When your website is SSL certificate, HTTPS will appear in your website’s URL. Here is why it is important to secure your website;


Stealing is not an alien concept in websites either. People conveniently replicate your website and divert your potential traffic to theirs without so much as breaking a sweat. So, to avoid an incident like that, you need to verify your ownership. SSL certificate that we talked about earlier is the way we go about it to ensure that your visitors know that their information is in safe hands.

Avoid data tampering

Data integrity shouldn’t be questioned, especially when your clients are trusting you with their personal data. Now imagine that your website is not secured and someone as skilled as a hacker can easily tamper with your website. Directing your client’s information to a hacker rather than you, while you are completely clueless about its occurrence. That’s bad, and to avoid it you might want to secure your website as soon as possible.


Confidentiality is the law by which commercial websites play. Encryption is the secured communication between the client and the server, so no one reads it, but the concerned parties. While encrypting communication is an important factor, you can’t ignore encrypting the data received through the forms your clients fill out. This is why you shouldn’t compromise on your website’s security.

Why Google insists on SSL and HTTPS?

When Google says it uses HTTPS as a ranking signal for showing search engine results. You really want to listen to it and pay heed to the unspoken warning. By adding an SSL certificate to your website, you’re technically helping your business’ search engine optimization.

So not only to upscale your SEO Services in Chicago but also to prove your credibility, according to Google is what HTTP affiliation is all about. Especially, since the ‘Not Secure’ tag started flashing with the HTTP websites in Chromes address bar ever since July 2018. There is no compromising element when it comes to Web security and Google means it when it says that!

Let alone the confidentiality and ethical concerns, switching to SSL certificate and subsequently to HTTPS will give your business a competitive edge. So turning from just basic SEO Services in Pakistan strategies has great value in digital marketing since attending to your SSL needs will rank your website higher exponentially. However, if it’s too much for your grasp, that’s fine, just contact us at Xcentric Services and we can help you with it.







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