Website Development Using React – Why Should You Go For It?

kashif ali

  • May 09, 2022

React is a JavaScript library that is developed by Facebook and among other things, it was also used for building Instagram. It aims at allowing the developers to create fast user interfaces easily – for applications and websites alike. The major concept behind React.js is virtual DOM; a tree based on the components of JavaScript created with React, mimicking a DOM tree.  It does the slightest manipulation possible for keeping the components of React up-to-date. Want a detailed introduction to the web framework before you invest your time and money in Website Development Using React? Keep reading the blog.

React is being used currently by popular websites like Airbnb and Netflix. Ready to join the bandwagon? Xcentric can help. To get started, contact us online at connect@xcentricservices.com or ring at 0300-800-2094 today.

6 Reasons To Use React.js For Developing A Website

As a part of the JavaScript language, using React offers a lot of advantages. Products that are built using it are easy to scale, one language users on the mobile/client/server-side of things lead to outstanding productivity, workflow patterns make teamwork convenient, user interface code is maintainable and readable – and the list goes on.

Leading companies in the world have used React and other technologies of JS in some of the popular market-defining products; Facebook and Instagram being the vivid examples. But, to make an informed decision, let’s take a closer look at what React offers and when to use it for achieving great results.

Web Development

1. Simple-To-Grasp & Simple Dev Workflow

One of the major reasons why you should use React for Web Development is its coding language and development interface that are ultimately optimized. The API of lightweight React is reinforced with quick-performing capacities for achieving a rapid and hassle-free workflow.

Moreover, the concepts and components of React are very simple to figure out, which is why there is no learning curve. As compared to other popular frameworks, like Angular, there is no barrage of additional HTML attributes. It is created when JavaScript is crammed into HTML – a standard practice of JS library solutions and traditional frameworks.

In the longer run, by literally going the other way around and putting JSX in JavaScript, React gives us better readable, more comprehensive, and much cleaner code. Hence, if you want to avoid getting stuck in messy codes, React should be your go-to web framework.

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2. Ultimate Compatibility & Flexibility

If you want to get the hack of one technology and reuse it easily across different platforms, then go ahead with Website Development Using React as it is very convenient. It is a library by nature with the sole purpose of creating separate web designing components and elements – from labels and buttons to interactive features, grids, and more.

On top of everything, there is a significant by the long-established and an extensive community of React. Currently, its ecosystem is so vast that it enables the developers to create mobile applications and desktop solutions, handle server rendering, integrate advanced tech concepts like VR and generate static websites; all using the same philosophies and guidelines.

React Components

3. Hassle-Free Components Reusability

The ultimate question everyone has in mind is – what is React.js used for in website development practically. For creating components separately, which is exactly why React Components are reusable. Once a React.js web application is created, you will get a unique object. It can be added to other projects that are compatible with the React-based code.

While a generally bigger hierarchy is built using those components, all of them have a rendering principle and dedicated internal logic. Therefore, granting outstanding opportunities for scaling and achieving better consistency in web apps. Moreover, it also makes further optimization and supports a piece of cake.

Want to launch a website on React.js and reduce the development cost that you’d have to pay otherwise? React JS Developers at Xcentric can do that for you. To get a project quote, call us at 0300-800-2094 or email a query at connect@xcentricservices.com now.

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4. Performance Reinforced By Virtual DOM

By virtualizing the DOM and keeping it in the memory, React provides fast rendering capacities that are outstanding. It reflects all the view changes in the virtual DOM readily. Moreover, the specialized different algorithm compares the existing and former virtual DOM states to calculate the most efficient way of applying changes without too many updates.

Later on, a minimum count of updates is then introduced for achieving the fastest write/read time, resulting in an overall boost in performance. The changes in DOM make systems slow, so by virtualizing the DOM, the changes in React JS Development are optimized and minimized intelligently.

Besides, all the manipulation of the virtual DOM happens behind the scene, i.e. autonomously and internally, which allows saving hardware resource-consumption rates significantly. The battery in mobile devices and CPU power, for example, should hint you at using React.js as well.

React JS Development

5. Power Of Redux & Flux

The increasing demand for Website Development Using React is also dictated by the Redux and Flux capabilities offered out-of-the-box. Enhancing the standard components of React with unidirectional data flow capacities and offering an optimal structure for actions, the Flux-based software was first introduced by Facebook.

Therefore, a central source is used for composing created actions and updating stores. It then updates all the views according to the changes in the store. Through it all, the data remain in stores, and no duplicate data is generated, which helps keep model data well-synced without going too far.

However, being an architectural pattern, Flux is only used in the front-end for a convenient user interface design workflow which cannot be used as a full-on library. Here is where the power of Redux comes in as a fitting Flux implementation.

In particular, Redux offers a single store object for handling all the app data, making underlying data management manipulations hassle-free and simple. While the renders are triggered on store changes, the view is kept synced with the data pieces that are related.

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6. Game-Changer: React Native

One might say that all of that talked about above is great but should React be used for website development in projects that are more progressive? Would it actually fit the needs if someone is about to launch hybrid or native Web Development Projects? THIS is where the game-changer React Native comes to the rescue.

React Native opens up ways for hybrid and native mobile application development for iOS and Android. Naturally, some code reusability opportunities are lost, but only in the favour of system management and native performance. Even though building a one-size-fits-all application is obviously cheap, going hybrid helps get custom results using the same codebase for different solutions, even a website.

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    With a bunch of alternative frameworks out there, it gets hard to choose one. But, not anymore as the new favourite is React.js for web development. However, staying in the right direction when developing a website on it is tricky. Hence, to walk on the right track and launch a website on React.js successfully, count on us. We have a whole team of expert and skilled React JS Developers who have years of experience working in the field.







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