Website Development On React – Is It A Hit Or Miss?

kashif ali

  • May 20, 2022

Are you familiar with the web development field? If yes, it is unlikely for you to not have come across ReactJS. Even though it is not a standard framework for Website Development, the coding options it provides are acquiring popularity. Many famous web platforms like Netflix, Skype, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram have leveraged React Web Development and are thriving in the digital world.

ReactJS is a flexible, declarative, and effective open-source JavaScript toolkit used for developing scalable and simple frontends of web applications. Ever since its launch, ReactJS has dominated the field of front-end development. To further make you understand why the web framework is preferable to others, our team has covered this detailed blog. Give it a read till the end.

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6 Reasons Why Popular Businesses Use ReactJS

When it comes to building web applications, one of the best framework options is ReactJS. However, if you have heard about it but are not sure whether to utilize it to Create Website for your business, we are here to assist. Here is what you can expect to get from the framework:

Web Development

1.  User-Friendliness

To get started with ReactJS, one only needs to have basic knowledge about JavaScript. However, with time, we suggest continuing to practice and learn, just as one would with any other language or subject. In simpler words, solo work along with the support of some professionals and tutorials will be enough to grasp it all in a short time.

Another benefit of Website Development on this open-source framework is its capability to configure and create a new project with just a few commands. If you are someone who does not prefer delivering through configurations or is unable to do it in the first place, this will surely make you happy.

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2.  Bespoke Components Creation

React comes with a syntax extension to JavaScript termed JSC. It is an addition that helps build components during Web Development. Simply put, these components will allow quoting HTML and make the rendering of subcomponents a bliss for the React Developers.

In fact, previously too, JSX has been used to write bespoke components, transform HTML prototypes into React Elements and build high-volume applications. While there have been countless debates on this subject, it continues to help businesses advance their development process.

3.  Set Of Developer Tools

Learning technologies that are new and then applying them to the tasks in the real world can be valuable and engaging – but only IF they are done the right way. Facebook recognized this, which is why the ReactJS framework now includes the much-needed Chrome and React dev tools.

React Website

All the React tools help the developers locate the parent and child components primarily, observe the component hierarchy, and inspect the current props and state of components. Therefore, making it easy for the ReactJS Developers to develop websites using the framework.

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4.  React Community

Developers all around the world love React and because of that a wonderful environment and community have formed. React has combined all the capabilities of HTML and JavaScript for making it more resilient. Putting it another way, it is also called by the name JSX.

Also, because JavaScript is adopted widely, there are millions of third-party JavaScript libraries that you can choose between and make React Website development quite simple. Here are some examples:

  • UI and CSS are done through Bootstrap and the navigation is done with React-router.
  • React-Motion is used for practicing different animation techniques.
  • Life becomes easier by using React for installing dependencies.

5.  Reusable Components

The components of React are reusable, which is one of the major reasons behind its popularity and preference for Website Development. Think of getting to use different aspects of a framework again and again. It means that you just have to declare the components for once and they can be used multiple times. A win-win situation, right?

Reusability in ReactJS allows speeding up the development process while the output is boosted simultaneously. When a team is developing a large-scale website, such a feature comes to the rescue in many ways.

All in all, reusability is a great option as it allows using the saved time spent on repetitive tasks on those tasks that are more challenging. On the other hand, the internet is crowded with individual components that are fully prepared and complete frameworks because of component independence. It all boils down to what works for your development process.

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6.  Easy Updates

Another facilitation that ReactJS provides is clear data flow protocols. In the framework, data moves from the parent element to the child files that are nested within them. It is carried with the help of prop objects.

So, be it using ReactJS for web pages or React-Native for mobile application development, you will surely appreciate the rapid refreshing features of the framework. Quick refresh begins as soon as a React project is saved in the code editor and the refresh option does not have to be clicked every time one wants to see the modifications on the website.

When fine-tuning the details on a website, this comes in very handy. After making even slight changes to the code, you can see the outcomes in the browser. In addition, the faults are represented understandably and clearly in the React compiler. Hence, the developers are never left scratching their heads over any problem that is not understandable.

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    ReactJS is a dynamic framework that is ever-evolving. In the past decade, it has attracted a large number of businesses wanting to launch seamless websites. To us, the future of ReactJS appears bright. Hence, with the expertise and experience of our ReactJS Website Developers, get all the advantages the framework offers. Rest assured; it will be worthwhile your investment.







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