Website Development – How To Build The Best Website For Your Business?

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  • Sep 21, 2022


Website Development is a process that is vital for every business. However, it is also something that is done once from scratch. So, making sure that you get it right and build a bespoke website is a MUST. A great website is one that benefits a business for many years to come – but of course, the tweaking continues side-by-side. Ideally, a website development process starts off on a solid platform on which future enhancements grow its power. Want to know how to build the BEST possible website for your business? Keep on this guide!

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What Are The Benefits Of Website Development?

Starting with the obvious benefit: a well-planned and thoughtful website helps a business’s sales and marketing efforts. It presents all the information to the target audience in an accessible way. By carefully thinking during the Website Development Process, you can get further benefits – beyond just high conversions. Automating tasks related to existing or new customers, self-serving appointments, and filling forms online, the list of functions a website can perform is never-ending. Here are the benefits a well-developed website provides:

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1. Energized Team & Amplified Brand

A benefit of building and launching a great website that is often overlooked is the fact that it actually helps the team in understanding the brand and how it speaks about itself. In simpler words, Website Development will amplify your brand, unify the team working for it, and drive them to work in the right direction.

2. Start Right For Successful Development

Considering a Website Development Plan as a one-off sounds tempting. Unfortunately, businesses with this mindset forget about their websites for many years between other activities. Well, truth to be spoken, a business with such a mindset cannot be successful when it comes to its website – as much as it should be.

On the other hand, businesses that check their website daily or even weekly get success online. Of course, tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and even Google have thousands of developers, testers, and strategies working around the clock on improving their websites. But why worry when team Xcentric can handle it all for you? We are a Website Development Company in Lahore that has what it takes to develop, manage, update and maintain websites.

3. Constant Website Improvement Is Fundamental To Success

We cannot stress enough the fact that developing a website and launching it is just not enough. It is important to improve it constantly with time – as customer journeys and Website Development Platforms keep evolving. With that being said, it is important to have an attitude that the development of your website will never end and you will always be looking for ways to improve it.

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 Where To Start With The Development Of Your Website?

When stepping ahead in the Website Development process, gathering everything about your business is important. Now, you must be thinking about what this data should include. Although the list is endless and a new thing or two can catch you off-guard any time during the process, here is what you need majorly:

1. Heat Maps Of Website Visitors From Hotjar

Tools like Hotjar can help you in understanding how the visitors are interacting with every page of your website by showing you the movement of their cursor. Sound creepy, we know – but it obviously changes the game by showing where they are navigating on the website and how much time they are spending on one page.

2. Behavioural Flow From Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables observing the movement of people from one page of a website to another page. By looking at the behavioral flow through Google Analytics, understand which pages of your website are causing people to abandon it completely. And, also look at the good part – the pages that are attracting visitors and making them want to move through the website. We have been providing Web Development Services for years now and often get surprised by the website pages that people land on. Hence, keep a close eye on the flow and make Google Analytics your BEST FRIEND.

Hint: It is probably not the Homepage of a website.

3. Comments From Your Team And Users

Do you have a sales team on board? Ask them what people are saying about your website or if they are always calling for asking certain information. It surely needs to be there on the website. Simply put, your team spends literally A LOT of their time on your website – so their opinion matters when it comes to Website Development.

However, be careful here because they can get familiar with every problem and might not think that teeny tiny information is something that you need to put on the website for a new visitor. Think smart, and if you lack the experience to judge this, count on us.

4. Insights From Paid User Testing

Employing professional testers to test your website as a user during the development and post-development is a great tactic. It provides valuable insight into a user’s experience on your website – after all, you’d never want them to land on a not-so-engaging one. Your search for testers and Website Developer Near Me ends right here, as we have a team of both at Xcentric.

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Let’s Think About Your Website Visitors

The heart of every website development process is the website visitors. Although forgetting them is incredibly easy throughout the process when you are focusing on other details – avoid doing this at any cost. Website visitors are the most important factor because they are the ones who will be using the website in the end. Ignoring them is similar to arranging a lavish dinner and then forgetting to invite the guests – yes, it is THAT pointless.

To make everything work and nail Website Development, draw up audience personas and represent the target audience with a name and photo. It will help you in making a reel in your mind that they are real for sure and are on your website.

Example: Faraz is a 50-year-old owner of a small business who wants to buy insurance for his business. He is quite busy and does not understand what public liability insurance is about and if he should include a legal cost cover.

From this, think of how a user journey can be painted for Faraz. He is busy, so his experience as a user of your website needs to be intuitive and simple. On the way, explanations and information about public liability information should be shared. By going through the website, he should be able to decide if including a legal cost cover is right for him or not. All of this can be done very interactively on the website – and it all depends on how well You do it.

How To Create Key User Journeys Successfully?

Mapping out every possible user journey on your website is not possible, but the development experts at Xcentric recommend mapping out the common ones. Why? Simply because the User Experience gives a lot of useful information related to Website Development. Use the information to carefully serve the information on your website that a visitor needs to see – without unnecessary duplication that wastes time.

5 Steps To Create Your Website Development Plan

Now that you have read through everything that has to be considered when developing a website and how to create a basic user journey, take the next step. Here is a list of decisions that you need to make when creating a Website Development plan:

  • Website Goals – online sales, lead generation, newsletter subscriptions, etc.
  • Target Audience – their concerns, pain points, worries, and mindset
  • Content Type – what to publish for attracting them?
  • System Integrations – which third-party tools to integrate?
  • Development Budget – customizing the development according to your budget
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