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Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 26, 2020


Nailing your Magento Website Design can be the difference between persuading and losing a possible customer. While dull and boring website design can be an eyesore for the audience, Magento 2 Website Development Company which focuses on building a website that catches every customer’s eye and engages them is a WIN.

At Xcentric, we work with several platforms to put forward Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan and are Magento Implementation Partners. Hence, counting on our experience and expertise, today, we’ve covered in this article a few tips and tricks from our Magento E-Commerce Designers on how to nail a Magento E-Commerce Development and design that boosts conversion rates.

Keep it Simple

Being a Magento 2 Website Development Company, we know that you want to put in loads of colors, designs, and features on the website to make it attractive and flashy. However, this way, you might go overboard with everything and grab the customers with just flash and flare.

What we suggest instead is to keep the design as simple as you can, all while making sure that every element is in place. Honestly, no customer wants to visit a fancy-schmancy website, which doesn’t get them anywhere near to what they want to buy.

Hence, choose a simplistic and clean website development company design, leave some white space around your products to give a breathing site to viewers, and avoid clogging up the pages with too many products.

Precise Navigation

Going in hand with the first tip, along with keeping the website design clean, make sure that your website isn’t a puzzle. The viewers should be able to navigate from one page to another seamlessly and drive across categories or products without having to dig deep into search results.

And for that, we suggest using drop-down boxes that keep the navigation bar organized and neat, to make it easier for viewers to reach another section of your website.

Accessible Contact Information

Be it Social Media Platforms or Pakistan Selling Sites – you will always come across people scrolling through pages to find the contact information of the brand for getting in touch with them.

What’s unfortunate about this is that if they don’t get the information, their last resort is ditching the brand for its competitor. Hence, make sure that your website’s home page or the bottom footer on every page includes your contact details such as an email ID or a customer care helpline.

Include Reviews

We all know how savvy Gen Z-ers and Millenials are when it comes to online shopping. If you still think that they shop without digging through tons of reviews about your product on Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan and from Digital Influencers in Pakistan, you are doomed.

Unexpectedly, this era is all about buying products that flaunt a 5-star review. So, when you design your website, put aside a section of it for sharing the positive reviews you get from customers because they are a proven way to engage new visitors, and boost conversion rates.

Search Bar – The Way Forward

Are you just a window shopper, or it goes the other way around for you because you always know what you want exactly? Well, honestly, online shopping is not a calm breeze. Though it still is a quick solution for those who want to shop from the comfort of their home.

So, considering every aspect, we’ve concluded that people who regularly shop online visit a website with the product they want to buy in mind. However, if your customer has to spend several minutes across pages to find what they want to buy, unfortunately, as an online retail store, your website didn’t serve the cause. Hence, to avoid this messed-up processing, include a search bar that helps website visitors search for the product they want to buy quickly.

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High-Resolution Images

Website design isn’t the only thing that needs to be clean. Talking about product images and other visuals on a website, they need to be of high quality too. Considering the current trends of online shopping, customers don’t get the privilege to hold the product in hand before they purchase it.

Hence, the product image that shows up on your Web Store needs to get them confidence and build on their trust. And for that, using high-quality pictures is the only practical way out. This way, the online shopping experience you provide becomes more tangible, and the customers purchase without any doubts, it will look or feel the way they expected it, based on the visuals.

Pro-tip; If you think that the high-quality images of your products look dull and boring, we suggest, getting some Branding and Graphic Design Services. They’ll surely help add life to the oh-so-boring pictures!

One-step Checkout

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a customer and think about how will you react if you will get diverted or have to abandon your cart. You will be frustrated, right? Well, that is how every customer feels when they spend their precious hours scrolling through your website and selecting the products they want to buy and end up with NOTHING.

The proven way to prevent this is a one-step checkout. Precisely, you need to limit asking the checkout information or keep it on one page, which is a spot-on built-in feature of Magento E-Commerce Website Development Company that assures that customers are getting in and out quickly with a complete purchase transaction.

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Mobile Optimization

If your E-Commerce website development company is not mobile-friendly, it is unfortunate to say that you are way behind the curve. In this gadget-driven era, more than half of your target audience prefers purchasing from mobile phones while lounging on a comfy couch, instead of switching on a desktop to shop.

Hence, the conclusion is – Optimize your website for mobile devices and opt for a design that looks eye-catchy on a mobile phone too since most of your customers will be seeing you through their phones.

Responsive Theme

What do you think about hitting two targets with one arrow? Well, we believe that’s a smart move. In the same perspective, there is nothing better than enhancing your mobile optimization and flaunting a perfectly-fitting website design across every type of gadget with one show-stopper – Magento. All thanks to its responsive theme designs that fit any gadget screen your customer uses.

Are you ready to build your Online Store on Magento? Let us help you!

At Xcentric, we have our expert Magento Commerce developers providing Magento E-Commerce Development Services that are optimized for search engines to maximize your conversions.

From the beginning till the end, being a Magento 2 Website Development Company, we oversee and accomplish your entire website design that guarantees to attract customers. To learn more about how we can help you with our Magento-centric solutions, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services TODAY!







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