Web App or Mobile App – Which one is better for your Business?

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 22, 2020

Undoubtedly, this era is tech-driven, and the monster which used to be under our beds is now in our hands. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. We’re talking about mobile phones which are ruling over our bedtimes while we scroll through them. From one application to the other, day and night. Even if we wish to, we can’t drop it because it’s eventually a very robust way to communicate with the world – All thanks to the Mobile Application Development Companies in Pakistan. So whether you wish to communicate with your friends and family, accomplish your work commitments virtually, or anything in between. The mobile technology rules it all.

Technically, mobile technologies are incomplete without Applications. Hence the reason savvy technologists introduced them to the world in the shape of Mobile Applications and Web Applications. Assuming that you’re one savvy business online, you must’ve been benefiting from any of these currently. But have you ever thought which one might work the BEST for your business? Let’s delve deeper into the world of applications. Because it is never too late to boost your business with an Application shift.

Discovering the Best about Mobile Applications

In today’s world, where we shop at the tap of a click, communicate with a voice note, and explore the world through the Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan platforms, defining an Application isn’t a big feat. An application is a software that empowers the users to perform specific actions. Just like you hit the tweet action on Twitter because it is all about enabling users to share their thoughts while tweeting.

Mobile Applications are a part of the Application family, and assumingly, the Gen Z of the family itself. These are the native applications we all download on our Androids and Apple phones through Google Play and iTunes. After downloading, these applications are accessible through the home screen icons. Though depending on their nature, some might need an internet connection. Considering the development part of the before-mentioned applications, they’re native to their specific platforms. Like Java is for Android, C# for Windows, and SWIFT for IOS.

Discovering the Best about Mobile Applications

What’s the drawback of having a Web Application?

Though there’s no comparison between emerging technologies, as a whole, each one of them has its pros and cons. Being designed innovatively, languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are behind the codes of a Web Application. And positively, the reason behind its popularity.

Have you ever heard about the ancient computers that were too big to be moved out of their places, yet they were a big hit? Assumingly, Web-based Applications are such an example of today. Though we can open them on any device, as the name says, they’re dependent on an internet connection. And unfortunately, there are only some bits of data downloaded in your device. The speed of a web application is reliant on your Wi-Fi speed or your cellular connections, so if you’re in a remote area where there’s no access to the internet, or you’re assumingly in a dead zone, the application won’t work. Hence, the conclusion that web applications aren’t the one’s business can effectively rely upon.

Have you ever heard about Native Applications?

Considering that this era is all about businesses being audience-centric, Native Applications are the most reliable ones because they get all the needed information from the web, all while requiring no internet connectivity.

Businesses who have put in their efforts and dollars into a Native Application might relate to the fact that they nevermore have to worry about how the information and functions would be collected and delivered to their audience. Surprisingly, in some cases, the applications harness with the power of your mobile’s processor and work as their control itself, sound cool, right?

All in all, it’s a great tech-investment, though the developers might have to face work twice than that of a web-based application since each platform requires a unique mechanism and design.

Have you ever heard about Native Applications

Mobile App or Web App; What’s your decision?

Being a Web Design and Development Company in Pakistan, we believe that Web Applications have a few more players like adaptive web apps and responsive web pages to consider. Unlike the traditional Web Applications everyone knows about, there’s a lot more to it. For instance, the responsive web apps alter their shapes, layouts, and pictures based on the devices they’re viewed on, isn’t it the next level of technology? Perhaps, we agree, you cannot access it through a mobile’s web store, though you can get fit it to the size of a mobile phone.

Web Design and Development Company in Pakistan

We know what you’re thinking – Should I opt for a Web Application, Native Application, or a Mobile Application? Here’s a simple answer; know YOUR business needs, budget, and your expertise to bring your ideas to life. You have it all what it takes to make an application shift except the expertise? Contact Xcentric Services – We’re a Web Development Services Provider in Pakistan.







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