5 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

kashif ali

  • Apr 21, 2022


How can I drive traffic to my web store? At one point, this though surely crosses the mind of every retailer selling online. Maybe you have invested effort and time to set up the store and tweaked it for launch, only to open its virtual doors and wonder where is the traffic. Or, maybe you have noticed steady growth in the past few months but have now hit a plateau in sales and traffic. Even more, you might have been successful at driving Website Traffic with one tactic and are curious to get creative and try the next.

Whether you are trying to attract the 1st customer or the 100th, generating more traffic to an online web store is a crucial part to grow a business. Only if your website is optimized for converting, then an increase in web traffic will mean more customers and eventually more sales. Now that you know its importance, let us guide you on how to drive traffic to your website.

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Five Ways To Drive Website Traffic

Getting the 1st customer versus the 100th is the same from the perspective of marketing, which is quite good news. However, driving traffic to a website successfully for increasing profit and sales requires following some prerequisites. They ensure that the traffic on the website converts and the cost also remains sustainable. So, to Increase your Website Traffic, read through our list of proven high-impacting tactics.

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Increase your Website Traffic

1. Run Social Media Advertising Campaigns

To boost the traffic on your web store, you need to get it in front of potential customers. With paid social media advertising, you can target campaigns that attract customers who are likely to click through them and make a purchase. To run paid Ads for driving Website Visitors, here are the platforms that you can consider:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google

2. Engage In Social Conversions

Engagement on social media is much more than just sharing a link across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. – in the hope that it will increase traffic to the website. Ideally, social media engagement is all about starting conversations with the right audience, responding considerately, and driving enthusiasm.

Pro tip: when you launch a business, turn towards family and friends to get support on social media. It generates initial brand awareness, traffic, and even the first sale.

People usually do not launch a business, so it gets quite novel when the circle of friends or family is asked to support you in starting an online web store. Hence, reach out to them in a targeted way without sounding irritating and pushy. All along, do not focus on asking them to buy your products. After all, you can offer them the products at discount – so instead, ask them to spread word of mouth about your brand on different networks.

Website Visitors

Other than getting help from your friends and family, you can also host contests, giveaways, and even both to increase the follower count, engagement rate, and traffic on the website. Such tactics offer customers exciting incentives in return for their participation, which gets them to actually visit a web store.

Besides it all, offering time-sensitive discounts to your customers is also an effective way to get them to take action, generate Website Traffic, and increase sales. Putting an expiry date to discounts leverages shortage, which is a psychological and powerful sales trigger.

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3. Reach Audience With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all about building strong relationships with the influencers for getting your online web store in front of the target audience. According to stats, more than 80% of people trust reviews that are given by other consumers as much as they would trust a recommendation by their personal contact.

Hence, by harnessing the power of influencer marketing and the reach of influencers relevant to your industry, boost your Website Ranking and the traffic volume on it. They are the ones who have already formed a trust with the target audience – so there is a guarantee of them generating referral traffic for your web store.

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4. Entice Customers With Content Marketing

Content marketing is drafting informative, engaging, and interesting content to drive customers to your online web store. From podcasts to videos and eBooks, the opportunities are endless for your business to grow in the content world and generate traffic on a website.

Posting content that is original helps in positioning a business as a thought leader and adds to its branding. The content strategy of your business can include anything that the customers think is relevant – so do not limit to content including or focusing on your products only.

how to drive traffic to your website in 2022

Rather, consider all and every topic or resource related to your business that the customers might find useful. Also, if it’s been a long time since you have been wondering how to drive traffic to your website in 2022, start off with drafting content.

In addition, content marketing also provides online web store owners a chance to conquer the SERPs beyond brand keywords and products. By using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, you as a business owner can get new opportunities to rank your business on SERPs and get in front of a wider audience.

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5. Increase Web Store Visibility With SEO

Launching an online web store is not enough, you need to find out if the customers are actually able to find it on the search engine. Because there is no use in launching one if it is just lying around on the 4th or 5th page of SERPs, right?

When your potential customers are searching for products you sell, your web store should pop on the top of search results. Even the stats say that 75% of clicks only go on the top three results on SERPs. Those prized positions are the KEY to generating sustained and qualified Website Traffic for an online web store.

SEO is a process that involves fine-tuning websites for increasing their chances of ranking #1 in search results on relevant keywords. However, it only works when you put in the effort and time.

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    Ready to get more traffic on your website and convert leads into customers? Let us at Xcentric help you drive it. To get started, call us at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

    With the tactics that we have in our marketing toolkit, we can generate traffic for your online web store. Increasing it begins with choosing a tactic for a specific channel and then rolling the ball – rather than trying all of them at once.

    Remember: Good marketing and optimization strategies are all about layering long-term and short-term tactics to that they work as a team.

    So, once we are done with E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan and master one strategy for driving traffic on the web store, team Xcentric moves on to the next one. And more traffic on the online web store means more opportunities to turn casual window shoppers into paying customers.







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