Ways to Avoid Duplicate Content for improving your SEO

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 27, 2019

Duplicate Content is something that can have a very negative impact on your SEO. In today’s Social world, where businesses re-post their content on Medium and LinkedIn, they need to know about content duplication if they’re into Content Marketing. As believed, re-using content brings you the best all-round engagement results and boosts SEO.

On the other hand, when Google’s search engine gets duplicate content, only one out of both the pieces of content that sounds more authoritative will be displayed on the SERPs.

The Rel = “canonical” Tag

As a business, you must’ve already chosen a Content Management Solution (CMS) for your website to work in the best way possible. Considering this, it doesn’t matter if you have an E-Commerce store or a work website. Previously, you must’ve been winding up multiple URLs and Domain pointing towards the same duplicate content.

To prevent this content duplication, a way out is, telling the search engine that which of your URL is canonical. We understand you’re new to this term, so let’s have a closer look at this! Decide on a URL that is best optimized, place the rel=“canonical” annotation at the head of your URL. Consequently, when the search engine identifies the tag, it will understand that the current page is just a linkage.

The Hreflang Tag

Annotations are a two-way street, where pages on a website are interlinked. The Hreflang Tag, found by Google in 2011, works the best for Businesses who’ve multilingual pages over there website, catering to their international customers. Let’s explore how this tag can do wonders for your SEO.

Before you put in a Hreflang=” en” tag at the head of your multi-language pages, use a rel= “alternate” tag first. In detail, this tag will help you clear out the search engine that your page is an alternative to the same content in different languages. The best part is, by using this tag, the search engines will ultimately serve the German language page to your German audience and the other pages to their suitable audience.

Hashtag Tracking

Google Bots tend to ignore everything that comes after the hashtag sign. Thinking about how this can improve your SEO? Well, as a business, you must’ve been using some tracking parameters in your URLs to keep a check over your traffic generated. What you might have not noticed is, this practice is creating duplicated content in a way that you don’t know which page on your website is getting engagement from where, and as the traditional tracking methods get you an overall traffic count of the website.

The Hashtag Tracking method adds a ‘#’ sign and UTM source, at the end of the URL you are to track while Google views both the links, with and without a hashtag, as the same.

Paginated Content

On a website, sometimes, one blog or piece of content can always go beyond one page. To make links easy to access and scalable, all while giving a great hit by it, an automated process of adding consecutive numbers to sequence the paged is called Pagination. In other words, it is a justification for the search engine that the pages are a sequence to each other.

In a URL, when rel=” prev” / “next” is included, there is an indication of a relationship between the pages. This relationship prevents the budding content duplication, in return saving your SEO from a negative impact. Adding more to it, here’s a pro tip; when you’ve paginated the content of your website, make sure to disable the Pagination of the comments section is a CMS, as they can cause a downfall to all the efforts you’ve put in, by creating multiple duplicate URLs of your page.

Duplicate Content


We all know very well how important it is to stand out between all others. To sum up, not every duplicate content is guilty of devaluing your Content’s SEO. But it can still have a profound effect on the volume of your website’s traffic. You’ve gone through these ways to get rid of duplicate content? But you’re still not sure about how to implement them? Don’t worry! Hire a Digital Marketing Agency and win over the duplicate content on your website.







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