3 Ways Facebook and Instagram can change your Brand Image

Mahum Khalid

  • Jan 28, 2020

Rewind to the launching year of Facebook and Instagram. Many of us didn’t even know what they were, let alone think of them as social media giants changing our way of creating a brand image in the coming years. While some thought of it as a replacement for the traditional Yahoo and MSN Messenger, others believed it was just a passing trend. Fast forward to the year 2020 the tech-driven era; Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn have also joined the league of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan.

And we kid you not, this technological era has advanced to such an extent that businesses are now entirely dependent on social media platforms when it comes to targeting the audience, aka the consumers.

In a blink of an eye, these giants have taken over the Digital Marketing world, revolutionizing the way of communication between consumers and businesses. Therefore, to reach new heights, consider these social media platforms as your go-to supporters. Rest assured that they’ll be a great help.

However, with a lot of talks surrounding us in 2020, we shush away all further thoughts and go through 3 ways Social Media has changed the way we communicate.

1. A Constant need for Communication today – Broadcasting

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have increased the need to share and be shared. In other words, there is now an urgency between users and brands to broadcast. For instance; Every other Millennial today is busy stalking celebrities and brands over their Social Media profiles. Why? To catch a glimpse of what they’re up to and if lucky enough, they might get to see a BTS of their upcoming projects. Wrapping this up, one thing we get to perceive is, broadcasting is one way the tech-savvy generation communicates, which has now become a constant need.

Gone are the days when a simple Tweet or a Status Update would be enough to create urgency. The tech-savvy generation now regularly demands visuals; All Thanks to the broadcasters – Instagram Stories and Facebook Live!

2. Viral messages spread like Wildfire on Social Media

In a digital picture, the power is in the hands of Social Media platforms. Whether it’s a piece of bad news or great news, you’ve screwed up something or have achieved a significant milestone; Social Media is accused of spreading every piece of news like wildfire.

Your competitor got a hint of anything negative about you? You’re going to hear about it soon via Facebook and Instagram.

However, everything that has cons has pros too, and so do these socials. In contrast to the negative messages spreading like wildfire, the positive ones spread the same way.

Your Brand’s Video got Hit on YouTube? Watch out because you’re going to go viral. The video might get published in a blog, or some 100’s people might Tweet it on Twitter, creating a buzz about it. All in all, socials have remodeled the way of communication by shifting businesses from traditional word-of-mouth marketing strategies to buzz-creating social media marketing strategies.

3. Personalized Digital Messages are for real!

In this era, where Social Media platforms rule the digital arena, personalization isn’t just about conveying digital broadcasts with captions. Snapchat’s personalization features have primarily contributed to revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their audience. With a variation in the standard selfie, Snapchat now enables businesses to design customized filters.

For example, Taco Bell was able to communicate and advertise to its audience through a personalized filter on Snapchat. The filter molded the users into a Taco, which created their brand’s awareness, got them higher engagement, and helped them communicate with their customers. This a perfect example of a business going the additional mile to communicate with its customers by personalization!

Social Media and Way of Communication

The Verdict?             

Social Media has revolutionized the way of communication. Highlighting its influence on businesses, two-way communication has been enabled, which is great news. All that being said, it is essential that every business re-molds its marketing strategies and plots some effective Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and Snapchat Marketing strategies if they wish to communicate with today’s tech-savvy audience. However, if you’re new to social media and this evolution is overwhelming for you, we suggest, hiring some professionals from a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan to get some guidance.







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