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  • Feb 07, 2022

One thing that remains constant in the digital world is CHANGE. Well, this means that now is the ideal time to plan marketing campaigns for the coming months to improve Website Ranking – and this includes everything that relates to SEO. However, unfortunately, what might have worked for ranking your website on the search engine in the past will not get you through this year. The search giant Google has cleared the air that it is working on removing spam content and improving the ranking of links with content that is informative.

Hence, this is something we focus on at Xcentric Services being a digital agency. We understand everything it takes to adjust marketing tactics according to trends and updates for ensuring success. Want to know which trends we are following this year to improve the rankings for the websites of our clients and increase their conversions? Here then, give the blog a read because they are all listed right below.

4 SEO Trends We Will Leverage To Boost Rankings In 2022

In the latest Core Algorithm update by Google released in November 2021, it was made clear that the new year will not stop the search engine from bringing in new trends. Hence, it is now essential for every business to leverage them for going up in rankings and boosting the conversion rate. So, are you convinced to jump into trends with us? Then let’s get into the details of the BEST trends we plan to follow for reaching the ranking goals of clients.

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1. Collecting First-Party Data

During the past couple of years, things have been shaken up by Google for retiring third-party cookies. From the standpoint of consumers, it is a great move that helps increase the privacy of personal data. However, for us as marketers, it feels like getting hit by a bullet in the foot. Hence, it will not come as a surprise to you that making a first-party data collection plan tops our to-do list for improving SEO Ranking in 2022.

The real question is – how do we make this work? Essentially, our experts work on bringing potential leads and new customers to the websites of our clients through search engines like Bing and Google.

Right from there, we then offer the visitors incentives on requesting price quotes, signing up for an email list, or any other captivating strategies that collect first-party information.  Overall, in our opinion, this is an important concept that we focus on as a full-service marketing agency because third-party cookies and other information to reach the target audience are now ending.

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2. Better Page Speed

We know that you are probably thinking page speed is something always there in trends that help in improving Website Ranking every new year. Fair enough, there IS a good reason behind it. For a minute, just think about the new iPhone and Android mobile phone models launching every year? And the same goes for laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.

All the devices talked about above are launched with better processors in them, which means that they load websites faster than ever. Hence, we do our part in ensuring that every client’s website is ready for a new and faster processor. Therefore, improving the overall user experience of the website and not turning off the target audience.

3. Enhanced User Experience

Face it or not, enhanced user experience is not an SEO trend that comes and goes when time passes by. So, this signs that businesses need to focus on leaving the best possible online impression on their website visitors. It acts as a driving force to Increase Website Traffic.

To really make you understand this point, let us break it down. Firstly, keep in mind that websites that show endless errors, have not-so-pleasing aesthetics, and a frustrating navigation structure clicks off visitors in an instant. Next, remember that Google takes the time a visitor spends on a website into consideration when ranking it. In simpler words, if people click off a website because of its user experience, it affects the rankings on SERPs.

To fix such issues, post a website’s launch, our SEO experts go through by putting their foot in the shoes of a visitor. Wherever they find something that would annoy them or generally look unpleasant, they fix it there and then.

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4. Focus On User Intent

Every time we discuss the trends of 2022 related to SEO, a part of it is about increasing the focus of a website on user intent. Well, to some, this might sound useless but it all boils down to the fact that people on the web are searching for specific answers to their questions or problems. Hence, as a marketing agency, we consider it our job to think about:

  • How are the visitors going to find out a solution?
  • Which way should we format the content to provide them with the solution?

By focusing on how to provide them with the BEST solution to meet their needs, we bring our clients increased organic traffic and ensure that their visitors stay on their website for longer. Therefore, helping them build trust, improve Website Ranking and eventually increase conversions.

Wrapping Up

As the calendar page has been turned to the next year, formulating digital marketing strategies for the next months is crucial for businesses. SEO is a good place to start off with but it all boils down to if the experts plan optimisation strategies. Not sure about how to plan strategies that Improve SEO score for your website? Let the professionals at Xcentric Services handle that part for you while you focus on other tasks awaiting you in the new year. For more information about our SEO plans and their pricing, get in touch with us at connect@xcentricservice.com TODAY!







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