Valentine’s Day Marketing In 2021 – Are You Prepared?

kashif ali

  • Feb 01, 2021

Valentine’s Day Marketing – for the holiday of love, is just around the corner. Over the past few years, people in Pakistan and all over the world spend HUGE on this special day and send gifts to loved ones. From clothes to jewellery, dinner dates, and flowers, people splurge on a range of gifts on this oh-so-romantic day. Assuming that you are not in the business of selling love, don’t let all the chocolates and flowers get in your way of getting into the gift-giving action. For all the reasons above, Valentine’s Day Marketing is your opportunity if you are an online retailer. Being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we at Xcentric Services believe that it would be a BIG mistake if brands do not take up this opportunity to increase sales.

In this blog post, we are sharing with you the top-notch Valentine’s Marketing tactics that we are using to take our clients’ online web store sales on a high level this Valentine’s Day. Unlike many other Digital Marketing tactics that are too generic for E-Commerce stores, these are our go-to ones that are proving to be effective currently. Let’s check them out before you hire us to plan out the Best Valentine’s Campaigns for your brand too!

Our Valentine’s Day Marketing Tactics

1. Creating Romantic-looking Online Storefronts

This is one of the first things we do for our clients on board when preparing for Valentine’s Day – decorating the online web store to have the look and feel of the day of love. Though don’t worry, we won’t be putting up those cringy banners with floating hearts in red.

As Valentine’s is just around the corner, we have already started working on giving online web stores a romantic look. Safe to say, these efforts have been paying off in the shape of enhances customer experience and have stimulated more purchases. But, the only thing we have been emphasizing is CREATIVITY because only an eye-catchy design wins the game. Currently, these are the ways how we are getting online web stores of our clients ready for Valentine’s Day:

Best Valentine Campaigns

  • Welcome Coupon Pop-up

Designing a welcome popup that instantly appears when customers visit the online web store and catches their attention. The pop-up mostly features an eye-catchy Valentine’s Day image along with a very sassy message.

  • Valentine’s Day Banner

If the homepage of the client’s online web store has a slider, our team will make up a creative Valentine’s banner and feature it in the slider. Technically, this tactic doesn’t only work great on Valentine’s Day but also for other promotions, contests, and giveaways. As most of the online visitors first lay their eyes on the banner to see if the online web store has anything trendy up for sale, this tactic increases online conversion rates massively.

Valentine’s Day Banner

  • Head Bar And CTAs

If the online web store we are preparing up for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have much space, placing an optimized V-day banner with a converting CTA is an option we consider. When put in the right place, these CTAs really do the trick of convincing customers to purchase. Besides it all, our creative marketing team goes out of the box to draft text for the banner. Yes, they do not go ahead with using the traditional text that says – We are offering a 10% discount on every order.

Instead, they change it to a casual text like – Please take this little gift from us and be our Valentine. Sounds cool, right? That’s what makes us stand out in competition with other marketing agencies when providing Valentine’s Day Marketing services.

2. E-Gift Cards

Unlike other occasions like Black Friday, Eid, and Christmas, which encourage personal purchases, Valentine’s is a high-time for gift giving to significant others. Customers browse through hundreds and thousands of online web stores in the hope of finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their loved ones. And not to mention the next hassle – how would they send the gift to the loved one if they are in a long-distance relationship? Our team at Xcentric Services found a solution for this too. We call it e-gift cards, which allow the buyer to directly send the gift to the loved one. By doing so, we make online shopping a breeze for the gift sender, and certainly, a very heartwarming gift for the receiver too.

Best Valentine’s Campaigns

3. Daily Deals And Time-Sensitive Offers

You might have heard us saying this countless times before too, but we are still repeating that we focus a lot on creating FOMO in customers as it enhances online conversion rates. Most of the time, people think too hard for a long time when purchasing a Valentine’s Day gift. They simply do not respond to CTAs places on the banners and sliders. By creating urgency and FOFMO, we cut through a lot of this delay and improve online conversion rates.

So as soon as customers enter our client’s online web store, we being a Social Media Marketing Company have a time-sensitive Valentine’s Day Marketing offer ready to pop-up; prompting them to make a purchase. Usually, these offers include time-pressured deals with a clock ticker. Thus, prompting the customers to purchase before the time runs out to impress their love.

Valentine’s Marketing

4. Promoting Offers On Social Media

Just recently, people and businesses have already started posting photos related to Valentine’s Day on social media platforms. To make our clients at Xcentric Services a part of the trends and get the most sales of this day-of-love, we provide Social Media Marketing Services too. By drafting stellar visuals focusing on product offers with on-point captions, we create a sense of urgency in their customers. And once the post starts getting engagement, whether on Instagram or Facebook, we promote it ASAP. The results the clients get later are worth it all. And folks that’s how we combine the power of Instagram Marketing and Facebook Marketing Packages with Valentine’s Ads.

5. Creating Valentine’s Categories

As we are an E-Commerce Website Development Agency too, we add a touch of creativity on landing pages too. By grouping different Valentine’s gifts into a category, we make it easier for their customers to find a product. For example, one of our clients sells jewellery and perfumes online. To prep their web store for Valentine’s we categoried products into “Valentine’s Gifts for HIM” and “Valentine’s Gifts for HER”. This made it easy for their customer to look up gifts. Rather than jumping from one page to another for finding the perfect gift, they just had to select a category.


There are tons of Digital Marketing Agencies out there providing Valentines Advertisement and marketing services. However, only a few know how to promote sales campaigns on this love occasion practically and cost-efficiently.

We at Xcentric Services have been in the marketing business for years. Hence, we have the expertise to plan out the Best Valentine’s Campaigns. If you are planning to hit big in revenues this Valentine’s Day, get in touch with us; before it’s too late to target the love birds out there.







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