V Count 3D Alpha+

John Smith

  • Mar 05, 2019

With the innovation and latest technologies, the business of people counting devices is increasing rapidly. Many manufacturers are working to improve the technology.

People counting camera is a device consist of a camera with counting sensors. The sensors are integrated in a specific way so that accurate people counting data can be collected. The people counter is favored by the retail business as the retailers are getting full benefits of the innovation. Retailers are now getting familiar with the people counters all over the world but as this piece of technology in Pakistan. Xcentric Services is allowing retailers to get advantages of this. With partners with V Count which is among the biggest manufacturers of people counting cameras, Xcentric Services is offering a good range of people counters so that retailers and other organizations can improve their business.

Right now if you will surf the internet you will see different technologies used in people’s counters nowadays. The technologies used in the devices result in more accurate people counting data. Right now Wi-Fi embedded people counters are taking place of the rest of the technologies. Check people counting camera prices on the Xcenric Services website store.

The most appreciated product manufactured by V Count is 3D Alpha+. With an accuracy of about 98% and with Wi-Fi embed in the device it is the most recent and the most reliable way to collect the people counting data. We come to hear such questions usually that how are people counting devices or footfall tracking is beneficial for a retail business or how retailers get advantages of this device? How can we improve our business with people counting cameras?

The answer seems pretty simple your store needs proper supervision of every customer like the whole track of his/her journey in your store or shopping mall. The device gives you data of people entering your store and it also informs you about real-time customers present. This counting can help you figure out how many of the visitors were actually potential customers? Once you compare your sales with the traffic.

The points where the customers were engaged more will be pointed out for you and you can have a guess what your customers need and what are you lacking in providing them. With the exact people count you can have a record of crowded hours. By this, you can manage the workers and the staff of your store. This will give you a smart guess of what steps you need to take.

The V Count 3D Alpha+ gives you a report of every session plus you can get the people counting report anytime anywhere. The device allows you to save the data on cloud storage and with the help of an app and the internet, you can check the real-time traffic and daily traffic. You can also set the analytics according to your ease such as you can make weekly reports and monthly reports as well rather than daily reports. As much as you will use the people counting data, there are more chances to understand customer behavior.

V Count 3D Alpha+ is created for retailers, entertainment venues, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, and others who want to understand the behavior regarding the targeted audience. The unit gives a wide range of people traffic, queues, and other behavioral aspects. With the Wi-Fi embed in the device, you can check the data anywhere over your smart device even if you are not around your business venue.  The people counting camera devices help you in many ways so if you are making up your mind to get people counting cameras for your business or organization. Feel free to visit the Xcentric Services website store to know the people counting camera price.







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