How can you use Snapchat to make your marketing strategy?

kashif ali

  • Sep 20, 2019


Teenagers are all about Snapchat these days, taking pictures and socializing in real-time. With about 3 million snaps a day, snapchat is rapidly making its name. Marketers are of the view that your Digital Marketing Strategy is incomplete without Snapchat Marketing Services especially in 2019.

There are a couple of ideas that are to be taken into consideration to make the best of your Snapchat Marketing.

1. Young adults are best reached here

If the target market for your brand’s Social Media Marketing campaign is teenagers, Snapchat is your best bait. Did you know that almost 90% of 18-24 years old Americans are aggressive Snapchat users? It is an engaging platform, helping your brand to reach your consumers faster.

What you might want to make sure before depending on this app is, you develop a strategy because if you aren’t using proper tactics, you are to lose on a good amount of fortune here.

2. Try and Understand the Process

Marketing is all about strategizing. So get your objectives clear and have a properly targeted audience. Since there are still people who don’t use Snapchat, you need to be super sure of who you want to get to before jumping for it.

Just like any other channel, authenticity and uniqueness are highly valued here. You might want to remember that Snapchat is all about fun and when you want to use it for your brand, you have to work hard to not be boring. Snapchat experience is the last thing you want to ruin for your users. Teenagers can hold grudges and that’s not on.

3. Repetition is a buzz kill!

As we know, Snapchat is all about uniqueness, therefore, repeating stories is just not the way to go about it. It’s tempting to create vertical content but it’s not advisable to use the same stories for both Snapchat and Instagram because if someone has added you on both the apps, they are expecting a variation.

Not posting every day is fine but repeating the content is not a good idea. Brand’s creative image is at stake all because of repetition. The competition on Snapchat isn’t much, this factor alone can provide you with a competitive edge. However, another plus is the wide room you get to experiment with innovative content. Your next campaign can be a big hit, provided, you be creative and understand your audience.

4. Engagement is the key

If only you get hold of it, there can be nothing more fun and games than your business’ Snapchat channel. Since Snapchat was precisely build to have fun, engagement comes easier. People like to interact and engage in these stories. The most pinning question at this point would be, how to create the type of content that is not showcased on other platforms, while, also giving your followers a sense of belonging. The answer is simple, use content like, behind the scene, fun contests, exclusive images and videos, special announcements, is all that creates a psychological bond between you and your audience.

5. Explore the AR technologies

In technologies Augmented reality is one of the coolest features of Snapchat that helps it stand out from other channels. AR gives you a way with engagement and fun all at once. Following the last year’s report, it is safe to say that 70% of the total Snapchat users play with AR every month.

Moreover, the report suggests that as far as engagement is concerned, about 30% of people play with AR for at least 3 minutes a day. Undoubtedly, AR has become an important part of our life and it will be more so in the years to come, that is the reason enough for you to start focusing on Snapchat.

6. Make your presence felt

Let people know that they can find you on Snapchat through your other marketing channels, hence, the cross-promotion technique. For instance, you can share your Snapchat code on WhatsApp status, Instagram, as well as, Facebook. Peak people’s interest by putting in teasers and short content that can only be explored further when people reach you through Snapchat. Human’s curiosity can be used so beautifully, if only you know how to.

The whole point here is to promote your extended marketing platforms to the right people at the right time. You must have a targeted audience for your social media. You might just want to adapt your tactics to make sure that they are synchronized and serving its purpose.

7. Shoppable Snap ads is a thing

Recently, Snapchat has introduced its shoppable snap ad feature. People can buy products online, generating more traffic for your business. These ads allow brands and retailers to catalog their products and services using these ads. Allowing the customer to look through the variety and make the purchase.

Marketers are experimenting with techniques all the time, subsequently, bringing new tactics to the table. If you are a new business, playing with a little bit of Snapchat is not that bad of a deal to make. Brands like Huda Beauty are already snap chatting their different products, makeup tutorials, and whatnot, just to be highlighted, and they are succeeding.

Snapchat Marketing is the way forward but it can be too much to take at one time for someone running a business all by himself. It is ok, you don’t have to be the jack of all trades. Be the master of one – your business, and let the rest fall on the esteem Digital Marketing Agencies in Chicago. They know what to do and can guarantee amazing results. Let them help you run a smooth business with smooth Social Media Management techniques.







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