5 Ways how we can use Instagram Stories to sell fast

Mahum Khalid

  • Mar 25, 2020

An engaged and happy audience contributes a lot to a business’s revenue. So you won’t be surprised if we said that; Satisfied Customers = Successful Business. However, if you wish to improve your business, knowing your customers’ opinions about your products and services is essential. Plus, if you’re already benefiting from some Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan, considering investing some more bucks and efforts in Instagram Stories  because 2020 is all about working digitally.

The Millenials and Gen Z have been in talks because they’re famous for not shying away from giving reviews and feedbacks, be it negative or positive. Sounds scary? Yes, it does. But here’s the tip – Use the Feedbacks at your benefit with Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories get 15x engagement, as compared to the Feed, and the reason behind is the sense of urgency which stories create. Because Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, the consumers are motivated to watch the momentary content as there’s a major FOMO in this digital arena. Hence, combining Instagram Stories with your engagement strategies is one sure-fire way to keep your audience hooked up to your content.

Being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, at Xcentric Services, we keep our audience engaged and gather from them valuable feedbacks; all thanks to Instagram Stories. In this article, we’ve covered for you all the 5 Ways we use Instagram Stories, to gather customer feedback, and later use them at our benefit.

1. Explore 1-to-1 Customer Favorites with – Poll Sticker

The Poll Sticker is one effective way to get real-time results. So instantly analyze the preferences of your audience by using this sticker on your Instagram Stories, which allows you to ask any question from your audience.

Hence, smartly use the – Ask a Question field, and take the back seat, while your audience polls over a YES and NO. Though if you wish to be a bit optimistic, customize these responses according to your choice. Let your creativity go wild and see what your audience prefers, including;

  • Prices
  • Features
  • Quality

Here’s a look at how we, at Xcentric, use the Poll Sticker, promoting two-way communication with our audience, to better understand their preferences.

Instagram Stories

On a side note, we also provide Content Management Solutions in Pakistan, including Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan. Where’s your vote?

WordPress or Magento? Let us know in the comments!

2. Tweak an Emotional Context with the Emoji Slider

Looking for a way to get a better understanding of how your audience feels about a product you’ve launched? Tweak your stories with the Emoji Slider because it’s a proven way by which top-notch brands are getting richer feedbacks without spending some extra dollars on a separate campaign for it.

This feature allows you to add a question and a complementing emoji, defining the sense of it. Your audience can drag the emoji left and right on a scale, depicting their feedback. Illustrating it a bit more, take a look at how we used the Emoji Slider to ask our followers how they felt about our product.  

Instagram Stories

3. Converse open-endedly using Question Stickers

Savvy marketers suggest; Bring your audience closer to your brand with the help of Social Media. Because 78% of them want to engage over such platforms only, rather than visiting a physical store. However, following this track requires brands to smartly spark a conversation with the audience, because they aren’t your next-door friend who you can wave at anytime and anywhere.

The Question Sticker on Instagram supports open-ended questions. Allowing brands to ask their followers anything and everything on their stories. Perhaps, this also benefits your followers, because now, they won’t be limited to a few options, hence, allowing you to recognize your customer’s pain point and offer them a fitter solution.

Have any questions from us? Ask anything, and we’ll put our digital solutions at work for you!

4. Get In-depth Customer Feedback with the Swipe up Link

Surveying your followers to get in-depth knowledge about what they feel about your products and services is essential for long-term growth. A customer satisfaction surveying form, and the Swipe up Link feature on Instagram Stories; Problem Solved!

However, make sure that you benefit from it instantly because the stories disappear after 24 hours. How smartly can you track your followers to your Feedback Link?

Hint: Offer them something valuable.

Though here’s something more you can do with the Swipe Up Link – Promoting your Blogs.

Instagram Stories

5. Engage the Audience with Quiz Sticker

Instagram isn’t all about getting Likes, Shootouts, and Reposts. Hence, if your marketing strategy still hasn’t categorized for you your real customers and the not-so-benefiting followers, it is isn’t real-world.

For that reason, you can benefit from the Quiz Sticker. Enabling you to conduct qualitative research, showing if your target audience does exist in your followers or not. Ask your audience some questions about your brand and get to know if they know you or not. Though we understand that this sounds like those old school multiple-choice questions you solved in your high school exams. They’re still very influential. Hence, spark some excitement in your audience, hint them some clues and see how your engagement rates boost with this tweak to Instagram Stories. Here’s our take on this feature.  


Even though Instagram Stories have a life span of 24 hours only, they’re still famous for being one of the most short-form influential content formats driving crazy user engagements. All while breaking the bars of collecting and advancing customer feedback. However, to some extent, the features of Instagram Stories are business-specific, making them a bit overwhelming to be handled effectively. Though you can still calm down because we’ve got you covered with this too. Over the past years, Xcentric Services has provided some valuable Instagram Marketing Services to businesses. Hence, count on us as your help and get in touch with us today!







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