How to use Guest Blogging to Promote your Brand?

kashif ali

  • Jan 24, 2020

Digital Marketing in Pakistan was a success in 2019. Guest Blogging, amid this, was also quoted as one of the most popular ways to build high-quality backlinks.

A well-established reputation, an uplift in the targeted traffic on your blog posts, and a more leading search engine ranking are a goals of every business out there. What if we say that all these achievements come in for free? Sounds impossible? It’s not!

Guest Blogging is the spell wand that can let you accomplish all these achievements, surprisingly, really promptly. To be specific, guest blogging is creating an article for another person’s blog, to grow your brand, generate more traffic, and get exposure. However, to get success using this tactic, you need to know the catch first. So let’s go through the steps of how we land on guest blog posts as a Social Media Marketing Company.

Nail the Prerequisites

Nailing prerequisites is a must if you wish to land a guest blog post on famous websites. Though some wannabe guest bloggers assume that to land on one blog post, you need to have years and years of experience and a large following of your own in the blogging world – Let’s be practical.

As prerequisites, all you need to have in your hands is the magic of writing a blog that talks a compelling story, draws readers, and helps the host achieve their blogging goals. It can surely be a win-win plot for newbie bloggers, considering that they’re fluent in English, and can pitch a Blog host wisely. So, start by being honest with yourself and know if you’re able to nail these prerequisites or not. 

Find the perfect Blog to post on

Google results are full of lists that cover Blog hosts, and they’re incorporating them forever. However, the most dangerous step you can take as a business new to guest blogging is going through these lists. Instead of being a help, these lists are very likely to confuse you between tons of Blog hosts.

Instead, the best steps you can take towards making this SEO-boosting strategy of yours a success are by;

  • Choosing a Blog Host that already has a connection with you
  • Aiming at a Host five to ten times larger in follower count than you
  • Identifying if the Blog is on-topic with you
  • Preferring a Blog that suits your writing style
  • Picking the one that offers a do-follow link

Each of these is a powerful pitching technique, for the times when you’re evaluating a Blog host for Guest Blogging. Follow these, get on your dream host’s blog, and boost your SEO game.

Think bespoke and come up with a great idea

Listing tons of ideas without identifying the host you are to pitch to is not a practical way, so make a list of all those which you’re to target. Moreover, we assume you might have a few how-tos coming up in your mind right now. So, let’s get to know the ideal approaches that will help you come up with great ideas that are beneficial too. 

  • Get updated with the topics your target host covers
  • Note that if the topics covered are strategic or focused
  • Get an edge by filling the gaps in their covered topics
  • Brainstorm and aim for pitching at least ten ideas 

Besides, you need to make a smart move, considering that you’re not only pitching one blog host. Decide on ideas that are perfect for the entire list of hosts you’ll be reaching out, to instead of choosing ideas that will leave you halfway through it.

Know the trick to adding links to the Blog

Guest blogging needs to be a win-win situation for you, which means if you’re not getting to add your links to the guest post, stop right there and call off the plan. Posting on a host blog that doesn’t even allow you to add a link to your bio or your website is a big NO!

Almost all well-known blog hosts will let you add one or multiple links of your own. However, linking is as tricky as copying your friend’s assignment in the very last hour before submission. Yes, it’s much of a trick because bloggers only let you add links that are;

  • High-Quality
  • Relevant; A reason why you should choose a host who is on-topic with you. 
  • Not Conflicting; Avoid attaching links to a keyword that is trending on your host’s blog. 

Most of the time, the guest blogging hosts have mentioned in their Guest Blogging Guidelines all the necessary detail dot be followed, including; the number of links you can add and their type. So make sure that you’re following all the tricks and guidelines on how to add links to the blog without looking like you’re sneaking in suspicious links. And, if handling all of this on your own sounds like a hassle, invest in Social Media Marketing Services and Professional SEO Services

Guest Blog


Long-term growth strategies are what every business eyes out for, and Guest Blogging is one of them. Get to feel the thrill of seeing your blogs posted on sites you dream of being on, along with boosting your SEO and up your game of Digital Marketing in Pakistan as Metro Cash & Carry Marketing did. However, if you’re a new business and forming a guest blogging pitch is one big hassle for you, don’t worry. Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services today. Being a Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency, we will plot your first guest post! 







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