How are Retailers Using AI to Boost E-Commerce Sales?

Mahum Khalid

  • Mar 13, 2020


Artificial Intelligence; A powerful innovation of this tech-driven world has been the talk of the town because it creates science. Assuming that in this digitized era, everyone knows the meaning of AI, let’s head over and learn how retailers of 2020 are using this automating tool to boost E-Commerce sales.

Undoubtedly, using AI sounds like bringing tremendous evolution in the Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan. However, the only thing a customer does is see the products, confirm the order, and then wait for its delivery, that’s it. However, in the background, there are tons of processes like queuing, processing, and order fulfillment. So how do you think AI helps an online store to work in the best possible way when the teams are not active? Here’s what professionals at Xcentric Services depict about how AI helps to boost E-Commerce Sales!

1. Improved Search Results

The initial step of every customer while visiting an e-commerce website is clicking on the search bar and typing in some keywords to find the product they want. Most of the time, the customer doesn’t know the specific name or the best category of the products. Hence, they resort to the search bar, thinking that they might find the most authentic thing.

However, the search feature of traditional online stores works in a very different way, which, unfortunately, isn’t very practical. Even though they aim to provide customers with a great experience, and boost E-commerce sales results are still going against the expectation, and that’s where AI can help you!

The Elastic Search extension by Magento 2 to boost E-commerce sales is the magic that can improve the efficiency of your boost e-commerce sales on your website’s search results. Integrate this extension with your website because it will help your customers complete their searching haul by auto-completing suggestions, correcting spellings, and giving an alternative to searching by product attributes. Have a look at this online store on Magento, created by our E-commerce Website Development in Pakistan team at Xcentric; A perfect example of using AI to your benefit!

2. Image Recognition Features

Digitization has brought in one common trend among today’s generation, and that’s saving pictures of products that they wish to buy. Following this trend, you might’ve also received a visual description of a product from someone knowing what the product looks like and how it works, but they won’t be able to come up with the right name for it. That’s where AI saves the day with its image recognition feature.

With image search technologies, a user can share the image’s URL or upload the image itself in the search bar, and AI – The savior, will match its shape, color, and features, to find the product which the customer is searching for. Hence, online shopping made easy-peasy!

Boost E-Commerce Sales

3. Voice-based Searches

Remember the picture of voiced-based searching trends shown in our previous articles? They’re all about online shoppers yelling;

Hey Siri, call mom!

Alexa, add the earpods to my cart.

Everyone can relate to these commands surely because, with increasing digitization, we’re always short on time to do stuff. Plus, the savvy customers of 2020 prefer interacting with you the same way they communicate with humans. Hence, it’s now easier to speak than type a whole search on Google, all thanks to AI!

Boost E-Commerce Sales

4. AI-assisted Chatbots advance the Conversions

Why talk when you have Chatbots? – The mantra of every other Website Design and Development Company in Pakistan. Though having a sales agent for your online store can help you boost your conversion rates, let’s look at the bigger picture. In the long run, when your business expands globally, providing services 24/7, can a representative working for 7-8 hours fill the gap?

Humanely, it’s a big NO!

Let AI-assisted Chatbots help you with this. Considering that they’re famous for responding to customer queries. At any hour, with answers that attract the buyers and interests them, up until there’s a closure to the deal. Here’s how we, at Xcentric, use a Messenger chatbot to advance our conversations.

5. Delivers Relevant Product Recommendations

Irrelevant recommendations and random product ads can irritate a user visiting an online store. And that’s clearly where most of the brands are messing up. Though we understand, a brand has tons and tons of data about every other customer visiting them, which makes tracking each one of their choices very challenging. We’ve found the solution – AI.

Provide your users with relevant product recommendations with AI, because it assists your online store with analyzing user data. Plus, it identifies what they need, by interacting with various apps and services. So, if you have high-conversion expectations, start utilizing AI to boost E-Commerce Sales today!

Boost E-Commerce Sales

The Verdict

The way of doing stuff, whether it is buying or selling, has been changed by Artificial Intelligence. However, Xcentric has positively proven it as a convincing change. By improving customer experiences and boost E-Commerce Sales, using AI. Moreover, we believe that with the right tools like AI and the best implementation of strategies, a retailer can assuredly conquer the Future of Online Retail in Pakistan. So grab the maximum out of AI, and if you need some help, get in touch with Xcentric Services today!








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