Influencer Collaborations will complement your Digital Marketing Strategy

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 11, 2019

The majority of marketing experts believe that influencer collaborations are a viable tactic in this social era. Today, you cannot go anywhere or buy anything without hearing about it from the mystic powers – The Influencers. Businesses use this tactic of Instagram Marketing, to tap into a specialized niche, built by the efforts of an influencer.

Let’s look into the types of Influencer Collaborations, to choose the one that complements your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Affiliate Marketing 

The ultimate goal of every brand is to convert its leads into paying customers. The best way to do so is, to consider Affiliate Marketing Collaborations. We know, you’re confused about how this works.

Here’s how; Brands create unique coupon codes structured on strong incentives for every purchase. The coupon codes are shared with the targeted niche by influencers acting as a third parties in Affiliate Marketing. Influencers receive a commission, based on how many sales they’ve generated which further motivates them to create more engaging content.

Sponsored Content

The simplest and most common type of Influencer Collaboration is asking for Sponsored Content by an Influencer. This unique content will feature your Business’s products or services on the influencer’s social media accounts.

In case you might be thinking that what if the content is of no benefit to your campaign, let’s be more exact. When you’re opting for a Sponsored Content Collaboration as a business, you have a responsibility to provide the guidelines and campaign objections, to let the influencer know what’s expected from the content they share and what fee you’ll be paying for it.

Brand Ambassador Roles

A brand Ambassador is an Influencer, acting as the face of the brand. In other terms, it is also called a long-term partnership. The role is similar to traditional celebrity endorsements, by attaching your brand’s name to very famous influencers’.

This type of collaboration benefits the most to your SEO, which in itself is a process that requires time and consistent content. Influencers indulge your products and services in their daily life and to keep your brand at the top, in the minds of your leads.

PR Stunts are a Success

PR Collaborations are a new trend. If you’re a small business, very assured about the high-quality standards of your products and services, this can be a win-win model for you if properly executed. PR collaborations can be both; paid and gifted.

Although this can be risky, a PR creates hype and a FOMO in the audience, making it worth all the risk, even when it’s gifted. Creativity is the key to elevating the best out of such a collaborations.

Social Media Takeovers

To get more engagement over your Instagram and other Social Media accounts, let an influencer collaborations take over. Instead of continuously working on creating engaging content, ask influencers to take over your accounts and post content. This collaboration will save you a lot of time and is more effective.

But hey, that’s not enough to do. If you’re considering a Takeover Collaboration, make sure that the influencer collaborations you choose to do so is well-known in your niche market and the industry.

Internal Roles

Generally, businesses don’t consider planning an Influencer Marketing strategy as their topmost priority. But if you have a creative vision and a proper budget, this type of collaboration is for you. Instead of working with an influencer collaborations who is an external resource, offer them internal roles in your organization.

The internal roles offered should be structured on bringing their creativity and uniqueness out, reflecting in the work they do for you. They can work as a digital consultant, advisor, product designer, or in a role that aligns with their skills.

Giveaways and Competition Collaborations

Holding Giveaways and Competitions is a type of collaboration that can probably get you the highest number of followers, likes, and shares on your Social Media accounts. Moreover, you must’ve noticed influencer collaborations using these tactics which involve the audience following the brand’s social media accounts, like the influencer collaborations post and tagging their friends in the comments section.

No wonder, this collaboration creates hype for the business by increasing the engagement rate.


Influencer Collaborations can bring value to your business if put to work effectively. Now that you’ve gone through the types of collaboration, can you choose the one that suits the best for your business? If you’re still confused, get some help from a Digital Marketing Agency.







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