Trends To Integrate Into B2B E-Commerce Platforms In 2023

Sumayya Shahid

  • Jan 18, 2023

In the past few years, the B2B space has grown massively by relying on E-Commerce platforms. B2B sellers now have a digital presence to sell and deliver their products and services, rather than a physical presence. As we step into 2023, this dynamic is being accelerated with new trends that have taken over the world of B2B E-Commerce Platforms by storm.


With the constant changes in buyers’ buying attitudes and the way they interact with brands, tapping into these trends is a surefire way to grow – economically and digitally. Moreover, the B2B E-Commerce Website Development experts at Xcentric have also perfected the concept of integrating plug-ins and extensions with B2B web stores. Therefore, setting B2B E-Commerce Platforms for your businesses can put place towards the growth path. Want to know more about the trends that we can integrate into your B2B E-Commerce platform and bring you more sales this year? Dig into the blog right away!


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Top 4 B2B E-commerce Trends Of 2023

When it comes to the B2B audience, know that they prioritize E-Commerce buying experiences while choosing a vendor. So, if you are a B2B business, staying updated with the B2B E-Commerce Platforms trends is a MUST for you. It will help set your business towards success this year and beyond. Right below, we have covered all the trends that we plan on tapping into being an E-Commerce Growth Agency to help businesses in the B2B industry evolve.

1. Personalized Customer Experience

With the already increasing competition in the B2B E-Commerce world, as a business, you need to come up with innovative ideas for how to satisfy the needs of customers. Industry-leading B2B businesses use different tools and techniques to accommodate their customer’s expectations, regardless of the B2B E-Commerce Platforms they are on. Whether it is customer service or the ordering process, they have added a touch of personalization to literally EVERYTHING. Hence, every B2B business owner needs to provide personalized B2B experiences to its customers.

If you are ready to deliver a remarkable experience to your B2B customers, know that the experts at Xcentric are here to guide you every step of the way. In fact, for B2B businesses on board with us, our team has incorporated AI into their platforms – to predict customer interests and personalize their experience. They can do the same for you and highlight your business’s presence in the B2B E-Commerce world, all while boosting revenues.
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2. Social Commerce For The WIN

As most of the B2B customers are there on social media, B2B businesses have started leaning towards social commerce. In the opinion of every E-Commerce Specialist at Xcentric, social commerce is yet another powerful channel that is dramatically increasing social selling. In fact, according to statistics, 46% of every business’s buyers are already using social media to research solutions.

Therefore, embrace social commerce to reach out to your target audience and convert them into potential customers. Let us help you integrate B2B E-Commerce Platforms with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to increase your revenue streams. After all, social media is not only a place to promote your business and boost brand awareness – it is a marketplace in itself.

3. Customer Loyalty

B2B retailers around the world continuously emphasize retaining existing customers, even when new capabilities are rolled out in B2B E-Commerce Platforms. You must be thinking WHY? Simply because promoting to the existing B2B customers costs less compared to acquiring new customers. Moreover, it also helps generate a better ROI on marketing campaigns and increase customer loyalty.

Focusing on the other side of the coin, retaining the existing customers by bringing them into the ever-changing B2B E-Commerce capabilities is a bit tricky. But why worry when team Xcentric has got your back? They are familiar with the nitty gritty of E-Commerce in Pakistan, be it B2B or even B2C. Through strategies like upselling and cross-selling, our team will not only increase your B2B sales but also maximize customer lifetime value.

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4. Optimize For Mobile

As the B2B E-Commerce trends evolve, a significant increase in mobile engagement has been noticed. In fact, in the past two years, B2B ordering from mobile has increased by 250%, and there is a 30% increase in B2B buyers who prefer buying through their mobile devices. Hence, no matter which B2B E-Commerce Platforms businesses choose, mobile optimization is a MUST.

For instance, you might have launched a B2B E-Commerce website for your business, but if it is not optimized for mobile, there’s no benefit. Only a mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized B2B E-Commerce Platforms can get your business ready for mobile customers. Hence, let us at Xcentric do that for you and skyrocket your sales.

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Planning to launch a new B2B E-Commerce website or want to tweak the existing one according to current trends? We at Xcentric are here to help you. Connect with our B2B experts by calling us at 0300-800-2094 or dropping a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.


Social commerce, personalized customer experiences, mobile optimization, and focusing on customer loyalty are some of the must-follow trends in 2023. Each of the trends that are covered above plays a HUGE role in engaging new customers, retaining the old ones, and eventually increasing sales – the ultimate goal of every B2B business. However, with the ever-changing E-Commerce market, keeping up with the trends can get hard for you – given that the list keeps on getting longer. Hence, to avoid all the hassle, hire Xcentric as your partner B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore.







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