Trending Branding Strategies To Watch Out For In 2022

kashif ali

  • Jun 01, 2022

A brand is neither a static concept nor something that is created when a business is started and forgotten about afterward. Instead, being a business, you have to refine your Branding Strategies constantly for reflecting on the evolving industry trends and customer needs.

Smart businesses understand how important it is to keep an eye on the emerging branding trends. They keep on adopting new tactics in the context of their target audience, product, and market. If you are not doing the same, let us walk you through branding trends of 2022 that you MUST watch out for because they will impact your digital marketing goals.

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3 Branding Trends To Keep Pace With

Branding is not limited to just the name and logo of a business – it is about how the audience perceives a business. More precisely, it is what they think after coming across your business. So, to make a positive impression on your target audience and stay in their minds, you have to invest in marketing messages, personalization, customer experience, and the list go on.

Tick all the boxes and nail branding your business by following the trends we are about to talk about below. And while you are here, might be interested in reading more of our blogs on branding.

1.  Adaptable Logos

Long gone are the days when businesses existed only as brick-and-mortar stores. Now, if a business wants to grow and expand beyond just the zip code, it needs to promote itself on multiple channels. This means having both – an active presence on social media and a website.

As a result, having an adaptable logo is more important than ever, so that it can be scaled up or down and tweaked for suiting different uses. For instance, you can go ahead with using your business logo in its complete glory on the website. And, when it comes to branded products and social media products, you can use a streamlined icon or simple logo.

Trends in Branding

Take a look above at the highly-scalable logos of some BIG brands making the Trends in Branding. They provide visual variety to their target audience and maintain consistency in their branding as well – regardless of the layout or platform the logo is viewed on. No matter which variation people see of their logo, they instantly recognize the brand.

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2.  Social Media Branding

In the past few years, social media has been a revenue-driving essential in digital marketing and is one of the trends for Branding Businesses that are not going anywhere in 2022. If you as a business are underutilizing social media platforms or going without social media presence, NOW is the time to maximize the opportunities it offers.

Start off by finding all the social media platforms where your target audience like hanging out. Then, take out time to learn how they work and which content type works the best on each of them. Next, decide which voice or personality or voice to adopt. Will you be eccentric, formal, funny, or satirical?

Whatever brand voice and language you choose, make sure that it aligns with that of your target audience. Once everything is figured out, your next step should be developing social media marketing strategies and tactics for growing your reach and grabbing the attention of the target audience.

Branding Businesses

A makeup brand ColourPop went from being just another cosmetics company to a popular one and brought in millions of dollars in revenues – HOW? By simply marketing on social media platforms through influencers.

The brand gave out free products to influencers with a certain count of followers in exchange for authentic reviews. It even went on to collaborate with the top ones for creating new product lines.

Branding Strategies of ColourPop worked as it provided the much-needed credibility and customers got to know about the brand in a personalized way from those like them. Also, since the algorithm of social media keeps on changing constantly, make sure that you stay on top of all the changes on the platforms you are using. It will help you get maximum engagement and awareness out of the branding strategy.

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3.  Official Branding Hashtags

According to research, the use of hashtags in the posts increases its reach by up to 11%. There is no questioning the power of hashtags in helping a brand get more engagement and eyes on its social media posts – so why not take it further by branding the hashtags?

Using official hashtags containing the product or brand name enables monitoring the perceptions and sentiments of customers around the business. All along improving brand recognition, it also provides access to the treasure of user-generated content that increases the trust of potential customers who Make Your Brand known.

Branding Strategies

Hence, create a unique hashtag that associates clearly with your business and is easily recognizable. Start using it in the posts consistently and promote it too by including it in the digital marketing strategies plus on the website. Encourage all the followers to use the hashtag when they talk about your brand and see the magic it does.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] The relationships between brand-to-customer are becoming lesser about the transactions and more about emotions, loyalty, trust, and connections. To make branding work, businesses have to go beyond just looks. They have to brand the way they stand, act and provide experiences to the customers. But the trust is, that doing more than the bare minimum takes time, effort, and creative minds – that we have at Xcentric.

    Hence, to boost the success of your business and enhance the brand experience this year and the coming ones, let us implement the branding trends in your strategies. With our tried and tested Branding Strategies, you will surely achieve all your long-term goals.








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