Traffic Data To Improve Customer Service

John Smith

  • Mar 12, 2019


In the time of modernization and technology, almost 90 percent of the people use to go store for shopping rather than going to online stores to make purchases.

The amount of people that are still connected to the shopping malls and stores is still too much and that is a good thing. The issue comes when the retailers miss the potential customers from their stores. Leaving the store without buying anything can be because of many reasons.

The customers are not interested in the products you have or they don’t like the way your staff treated them. Or it might be the timings of your store not suit them. Reasons like this result in a loss in traffic and sales as well. We are stepping ahead to understand customer behavior for different retail businesses. The point is how we can understand customer behavior.

Xcentric Services is partners with V-Count which is one of the biggest manufacturers of footfall counting and traffic counting devices. That gives the retailers the data and later on, he can analyze the footfall data to understand customer behavior. You can have a look on people counting camera prices by visiting Xcentric Services Store.

What is Footfall Analytics?

Footfall analytics is a modern way of counting people who visit your store. In past times employers hired a person for this person, his job was to count the people who are entering and exiting the store. To remember the counting the person had a counting device and he kept clicking it. Now technology is serving us in more than one way and the latest technique to counting people is people counter sensors. The technologies implemented in the devices are different and so their result accuracy as well. Right now you will get an accuracy of 98% in the people counter devices.

Many retailers put a second thought on people counters as they want to why I have to install people counter to count traffic. Actually the people counters are not installed just to tell you that how many people came and went from your retail store. In fact, the people counters give you full tracking of the customer journey in your store like which departments he visited and where he stayed more.

Plus when he left your retail venue either he was pleased or frustrated. These features are added in different technologies of people counters although the purpose of all people counters is to understand what is going on in the customer’s brains.

The best results of the data are shown when you want to run campaigns or promotions. Now if you have the people counting data you will be easily able to analyze the data and set the budget and timings and occasion according to it. The proper analyses of the data will reduce your dost in many ways and you will be able to target maximum customers.

How Do you Gather Footfall Data?

As already mentioned many people counting devices are present in the market with different technologies and the results plus its accuracy depends on the technology the device is based on. Right now V-Count is spreading 3D Alpha + with an Embedded Wi-Fi function and accuracy of 98%. This makes 3D Alpha + the most people counting camera device present right now. Although the company is working hard to make it accurate 100%.

Customer behavior and customer engagement are the two most important things for retail business. Smart retailers are already enjoying the change. You should also think of investing in a better retail business. You are welcome to visit Xcentric Services online store to get the best people counting camera price plus you can browse other people counting solutions there.







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