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  • Aug 09, 2021


Many of us did not have an idea of what is coming our way when the World Wide Web was first invented. Similarly, when web development came to the online world, it became one of its strongest pillars. However, we at Xcentric Services believe that the future for businesses will only be bright if they tap into web development trends. Researches also show that the number of hours a visitor spends on a website depends on many factors. Ever visited a website with content and graphics that did not fascinate you and left it right away? As the Best Web Development Company in Lahore, we can make sure that this does not happen on your website. BUT – before we get onto developing your website, let us take you through the web development trends we follow.

Web Development Trends Of 2021

Most business owners with a website or those planning to launch one do not know that there are web development trends they should tap into. Outdated ways cannot be used to attract visitors to a website. However, when providing Web Development Services in Lahore, we create websites with welcoming content and graphics by following new trends.

Want us to build a similar one for you by tapping into the current web development trends? Below, we have listed all the trends that our web developers are using to launch engaging websites for clients:

1.  Chatbots

Every time you visit a website and inquire about a product or service, you would never want to experience a delay in the response. In the past, visitors would send a message on the website and wait for a few days to get a response from the brand/business.

However, in today’s fast-paced world, there is no time for a delay. Hence, to give the website visitors a quick response, we bring Chatbots to the rescue. They are integrated into the websites of the clients by our website developers. Whenever a website visitor drops a message and asks a probable question, the bot answers – in a humane way.

So, whenever you see a popup notification on a website with a chat tab messaging – How can we help you? That is a Chatbot. Technically, integrating them on client websites has significantly helped them save on human resource costs. Therefore, safe to say, most of our clients find it affordable to use Chatbots rather than hiring customer care representatives.

2.  Motion User Interface

One of the latest trends that we have tapped into as the Best Web Development Company in Lahore is Motion UI. It is one surefire way to increase the interactions of visitors on the website. Website developers at Xcentric Services also use Motion UI to make appealing websites because it allows using animations for the development.

To be precise, it is a library that has countless animations which the website developers play with to create engaging websites. You must have always wondered how the websites launched in this digital era are engaging and attractive. Well, it is all the magic of website developers and Motion UI.

best Web Development Company In Lahore

3.   Single-Page Applications

To increase the speed of client websites, our developers have started using single pages only to build websites. It does not only make the website look attractive but also fully functional and optimized.

While adopting the trend, we do not create many pages on the website. Instead, we make it all work on one page where everything loads – from the content to the graphics and everything in between. Links are also provided on the page to drive visitors to any other information they need to see.

For clients with a business goal of retaining website visitors, we consider opting for single-page applications. It provides their needs better and the visitors consume content from one page only rather than opening multiple.

4.   Voice Technology

Among all the web development trends that are a part of our Website Development Packages in Pakistan, voice technology is the latest one getting popular. It is a convenient way to make information accessible to visits on the website.

They speak what they what to know, and via the technology we integrate into the website, the results appear. Besides that, the technology also provides more accurate results in a shorter time, rather than the visitor having to type it repeatedly to get the needed information.

5.   Artificial Intelligence

The consumers of today demand personal attention from brands, which is why, as the Best Web Development Company, we create websites with personalized content. And this personalization is provided by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. Using the purchasing history of the website visitors, the AI technology shows visitors content that suits them and provides their needs – without any trial and error. Integrating AI technology on client websites also helps us access user problems in time and provide solutions.

best Web Development Company In Lahore

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After reading the above trends we follow, you must have realized that the web development world will continue evolving. Therefore, launching a convenient and up-to-date website is important. We at Xcentric Services can build, and launch one for you while keeping in view the current trends. Also, our Web Development Prices in Lahore, Pakistan are affordable – because the project quotes depend on the client’s budget and requirements. To get your website development project quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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