Top E-Commerce Trends We Follow As An E-Commerce Website Development Company

kashif ali

  • Mar 01, 2021

The world of E-Commerce is evolving at the speed of light and having an online presence is the need of the hour. To top it all off, the pandemic has also affected businesses, and suddenly, ONLINE has become the NEW NORMAL. We at Xcentric Services want to help businesses in uncovering opportunities and build an online presence to maximize ROI as the online marketplace evolved. In this blog, we have compiled the top E-Commerce trends that we plan on tapping into when businesses hire us as their E-Commerce Website Development Company. Using these trends as the starting point, we will plan out surefire E-Commerce strategies and stay as flexible as possible to adapt to the changes.

Growing Online With Custom E-Commerce Development

Over the past few years, E-Commerce has evolved exponentially, and online sales are expected to reach their maximum in 2021 globally – all credits to its security and convenience. In the wake of the pandemic, E-Commerce also influences people to shop online, instead of going to a physical store.

Also, the confidence of customers in online shopping has increased significantly, hence, the high online sales. The question most retailers ask us after at this point is – whether we should get Custom E-Commerce Development services to build an online presence or not? The answer is YES, do it NOW.

As an E-Commerce Website Development Company, we can build for you a user-friendly online web store if you are considering providing your customers an optimal online shopping experience. By using the latest technologies and techniques, we enable online retailers with online web stores that let their customers find products in no time and pay using their choice of payment gateway. The conclusion? Gone are the days when customers were hesitant to shop online and having an online presence was not a MUST.

Mobile Shopping – The Newest Trend

Out of all other E-Commerce trends, Mobile Shopping has bagged the attention of customers, savvy marketers, and online retailers. By the end of this year, it is expected that mobile shopping will take up most of the percentage of E-Commerce sales. Therefore, making it clear that supporting mobile shopping is essential for every E-Commerce business in the years to come.

Our team of E-Commerce website developers understands these statistics well, and hence, they put their best efforts into building mobile-friendly online web stores. As more and more people have started using mobile phones for anything and everything, we focus on providing our clients a mobile UI of their online web store, as makes the customer feel at home while shopping online. All in our, all along the Custom E-Commerce Website Development process, we also consider building a mobile version of the online web store, or precisely, a PWA. Such an investment is sure to get you high online sales in months. Contact us at Xcentric Services and we will be more than happy to help you with the development.

Custom E-Commerce Website Development

Ever-Changing Google Algorithms

For most E-Commerce businesses, organic search is one of the major sources of traffic. The unfortunate fact is that Google updates its algorithm every other month to provide its users an enhanced experience and improve the content quality. Fair enough, these updates do affect the rankings and overall performance of businesses on the search engine. As we are an SEO Agency too along with an E-Commerce Website Development Company, we adapt to all these updates in a blink.  But the question pops up – why is it important for E-Commerce businesses?

A few months back, Google released the Core Web Vitals update. According to this update, the website’s loading speed and its attractiveness will contribute to the ranking. If the numbers will not convince Google, there will be a negative effect on the ranks. And lower ranks signal lower organic traffic and ultimately revenues. Hence, when launching an online web store for a client, we make sure to complete a website performance optimization to maintain the rankings.

Custom E-Commerce Development

Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping E-Commerce

As chatbots and Machine Learning becomes mainstream, more and more businesses have started leveraging Artificial Intelligence as its impact is dramatic. At Xcentric Services, we use Artificial Intelligence for optimizing tasks on online web stores of our clients. However, if you are thinking that it is an expensive technology to invest in, hush away these thoughts. Artificial Intelligence is such an affordable technology that every business can invest in it. It is an emerging technology that has no formally established rules and continues innovating – to create opportunities for savvy online retailers.

For clients on board with us for their online web store’s development, we use artificial intelligence and capabilities like interactive voice search – which is a unique way to present products to customers online.

Millennials Preferring Green Consumerism

One of the trends that have caught our attention is the Millennials and Generation Millennials and Generation Z are actively considering environmental issues when shopping online. These demographics make up a major part of the consumer base for online web stores. Hence, we suggest our clients actively contribute to the green consumerism wave. To sum it up with an example, we recently convinced one of our clients to deliver the products in paper bags instead of plastic bags. This not only initiated a greener online selling environment but also promoted positive relations with online customers, as they felt that their preferences are taken care of.


Tapping into E-Commerce trends and innovating are the needs of the hour. But, how can businesses continuously innovate and evolve according to trends? Firstly, consider our team at Xcentric Services as your friends. Next, hand us over the responsibility of building your online web store and tapping into current E-Commerce trends for you. We have the experience and know-how to help E-Commerce businesses stand out in the competition. And above all, our E-Commerce Website Development Cost is also worth the results we deliver. So finally, now that you have the option to choose us as your reliable partner, CONTACT US right away!







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