Top Digital Marketing Trends to make 2020 a blessing

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 19, 2019


Digital Marketing has become a staple food for today’s marketing. Brands and small businesses are going crazy over new trends to make their products and services stand out in this ever-so-growing digital world.

Just imagine how cool had it been if you were among the first few people to have a YouTube channel or have displayed ads on Facebook and Instagram when people were even trying to find their way out. You would have had a competitive edge over almost everyone.

It’s never too late to do what is best for your business. You can still walk ahead of time and figure out the trends that will help your business to flourish in the year 2020. It’s time to choose what strategies to employ and take leverage of the new trends before others. Let’s have a look at the emerging digital marketing trends for the forthcoming years.

1. Artificial Intelligence is the way Forward

Digital Marketing Services give you data in quantities that can’t be read and analyzed by humans alone. So you need AI to help you with it. It will collect, analyze, sort and use huge data to help strategize your business’ marketing.

Chatbots are the new cool for marketing. And so are the techno-advanced sentiment analysis and predictive modeling, which can be easily used and make the best of 2020. AI is no longer an expensive commodity. Machine learning solutions these days are very much affordable. And from where we see, by next year almost everyone will be using AI. So why wait?

2. Websites the user can talk to

People have a tendency to be lost while using websites. How cool would it be if your audience is able to converse with the website itself? AI has made it possible for Web Developing Agencies to create conversational webs with their Web Development Services, making it more interactive and effective.

Your user will fall in love with a website that has no unnecessary information and makes it faster to where he wants to be and giving him what he is looking for. These activities will have an amazing effect on your SEO Services in Pakistan as well as your conversions.

3. Give it a personalized touch

Users tend to psychologically affiliate with you when you give them importance. They relate to you better when you give your marketing a personalized effect. Advertising can be personalized and automated to lure more clicks and engagement at the hands of your audience.

Amazon and Netflix seem to be generating more revenue than ever because of its personalized product recommendations. The recommendations you see in form of “because you watched Suits” for example on Netflix, give the illusion to the customer that Netflix cares. So you too can take leverage by making your brand relaxed and more relatable to the general public.

4. Use more videos

While the small businesses are still trying to catch up with their need to develop content for their Social Media Marketing platforms, they are not paying heed to the videos that makes up some good content. The prediction for 2020’s market suggests that more than 70% of your web traffic will be generated through videos. Clothing brands like Mango and Next are already using videos for their product descriptions, emails as well as social message. YouTube channels have made their position prominent to the digital world. Surprisingly, your CTR improves by 200% when you add a video to your email.

It is actually a good time to paddle back and add videos to your marketing strategy for the coming year.

Oh, by the way, if you were assuming that you are good to go by adding videos alone. You might want to hold on a bit. That’s old sweetheart, let’s see how fascinating live videos can be. Almost all major platforms are using live streaming now. Use it before others can.

5. Podcasts Exist!

In our super busy life, where we hardly make it to the end of the day, completing all the tasks, we don’t have much time to use social media apps as is. Sometimes, the exhausted audience tends to scroll down the advertisements without even sparing it a glance.

The one place where ads are least likely to be ignored would be the podcasts. People tend to play podcasts while they are driving and sometimes while they are working. It is an important media platform for small businesses. You just have to figure out how to use it best. You can still have an edge in this segment because it’s that lost and forgotten member of the family who has a lot of potential but requires polishing. There is no much content available for this segment, that means your content will be appreciated.

The top five trends have been laid out for you to get a kick start to the new year. Now the question is, are you going to be able to use them before others. If you have any confusion, be our guest and consult Xcentric Services. Being a Web Development Company in Chicago, and a Digital Marketing Agency, we can guide you all the way through. We have the consultants who have the credentials to help you achieve your goals.







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