Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

John Smith

  • Jun 12, 2019

Technology has transformed the world into a global community in terms of connecting people effortlessly. In this digital era, communicating information is more accessible than it has even been before. Each year, innovative tools and technologies emerge, and the Digital Marketing Services landscape grows. Hence, the savvy marketers of today can pick from a dizzying array of opportunities to connect their target audiences, advertise their products, or build brand loyalty.

However, keeping up with the speed of tech evolution and the competition requires you to keep up with the Digital Marketing trends. Think about technology’s influence on your business and how you can take gain of it. What innovative tools, technologies, or platforms can you utilize? Are there alternatives to streamline operations, enhance customer support, and experiences? The only answer to all these questions is following Digital Marketing trends by analyzing where your industry is driving in the future. So if you are here to stay and continue with the status quo, engage with your audience proactively and retain them through experiences. And with that being said, being a Digital Marketing Agency, we’ve covered this article sharing some trends that you should watch out for because Digital Marketing Services in Chicago is no unnecessary fluff.


Video is becoming more and more common and this trend is only going to get stronger. Existing guesses show that by the end of 2020, the video will be able to engage 80% of consumer internet traffic. Though if you’re still not convinced, here are some additional supporting stats; Marketers who are focusing on YouTube Marketing in Chicago grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t use it. Considering that at an average, consumers spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. 

Part of the logic behind video becoming increasingly popular is accessibility. Even just a couple of years ago, videos took a long-drawn time to load and were difficult to access on mobile. But today, they are easy to access and there are entire strategies like YouTube Marketing Services in Pakistan dedicated to videos, Snapchat Marketing Services, or periscope. Even Instagram Marketing also captures a video interface with Instagram TV, called IGTV in a millennial’s voice. 


Infographics are still going to be big in 2020 as well. Considering that interactive Infographics are now famous for conveying complex information promptly, through interactive, brightly colored and appealing visuals.

Marketing Automation

Over the years, marketing automation has become a conventional technology for online businesses. And year after year, it’s only gaining more popularity. Though in the beginning, marketing automation was just about freeing the marketers from tedious and repetitive tasks of delivering their SMS Marketing in LahoreEmail Marketing Chicago, and many others. But thanks to AI and Machine Learning, optimizing marketing campaigns is now an easy play. 

So instead of wasting time on certain repetitive tasks, consider playing your hands-on marketing automation. It will surely boost your audience targeting potential and overall Social Media Marketing Strategy. 

Chat Bots

Over the last several years, businesses have started communicating more and more with bots. And we’re sure, you must’ve probably interacted with one the last time you called your mobile service provider. Though at first, these bots seemed to make it harder to solve problems. But over the years, they have gotten smarter; So Why talk when you have Chatbots?


It’s 2020 – The time to develop a smart Content Marketing strategy. So if you are simply pumping out articles over articles on your website’s blog page, but the topics aren’t relatable to your prospects, you are doing it the wrong way. Before you begin drafting an article, it is essential to research some engaging yet relevant topics to increase the possibility of someone clicking on them to read through. Need some hints on how to curate your content? Head over to Xcentric Blogs and see how we bring out content that revolves around our niche. 


Are you thinking that SEO Services in Lahore trends are about to go lament? Nope, SEO is here to stay. While each google algorithm update makes gaming the system more concise of an effective strategy, there are still many best practices of SEO Services in Chicago that can initiate a notable impact on your E-Commerce Website Development ranking. Hence, watch out and consider a switch towards them if you aim to reach the higher ranks on Google’s SERPs. 

Voice Search

In the last few years, digital assistants have been on the rise. And among them, Amazon Echo and Google Home Sales have topped the holiday seasons; Even though the technology is still brand-new. Moreover, the consumers of today also have access to digital assistants on their mobile devices in the form of voice-activated search assistants like Siri, Google, and Cortana. So the future is all about catering to sound like; 

Hey Siri, call mom!

Search for trendy leather boots, Google.

Alexa, add these dresses to my cart!

Though this might sound odd right now, that’s what future holds in stores for businesses. The best way to join the bandwagon? Integrate a virtual assistant with your E-Commerce Store while you are still undergoing Magento E-Commerce Development Services.

Paid Advertisements – Instagram

Even though most of the Social Media Management services and advertisements are accustomed to Facebook Marketing Chicago and WhatsApp Marketing Services, it is hard to ignore what Online Marketing Instagram has built in such a precise period.

With 800 million monthly active users, 80% of which follow a business, the possibility is there for limited brand exposure. However, Instagram is still recognized as one of the most influential platforms recognized for tracking conversions to E-Stores. So what’s your excuse for not jumping in this trend of advertising on Instagram? 

Integrated Campaigns

The most effective marketing trends campaign across all channels and reinforce each other. However, we’ve still witnessed business falling into the trap of only leveraging one to two channels at once. Hence the conclusion – Integrated campaigns are measurably more effective than those just using one single channel. It all starts with a strong central idea so it’s best to start there and then customize your marketing for each channel. One powerful example of integrated campaigns is influencer marketing; An equivalent of celebrity endorsement but far more convincing for your target audience because they trust the influencer voice above all. 

Being a business of 2020, you must use social media platforms to inform, persuade, and remind your customer about your brand. In short, now is the era to be friends with your customers and help them with their needs and concerns. Rest assured, over time, you’ll be surely recognized as a helpful resource that other companies want to operate with. However, if you are confused about how to tweak your strategies and campaigns according to these trends, we’d suggest, hire a Digital Marketing Company to drive you through. 







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