Social Media Marketing Predictions By Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan

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  • Jan 24, 2023

Are you planning on targeting a marketing strategy in 2023 but want to understand the common predictions by Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan before everything else? Social media is a powerful digital marketing channel used by businesses of all sizes. Whether your audience is small or large, you can easily reach multiple prospects through social media, and that’s what the marketers at Xcentric help businesses do.

Every year advertising agencies share their predictions on how trends are going to change the following year. With the help of predictions, agencies like us track and alter their Social Media Marketing Packages accordingly. In this blog, we have given an overview of this year’s predictions and how we’ll be leveraging them to engage the customers of our clients. Keep on reading!


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Top 4 Social Media Marketing Predictions

Marketing on social media benefits a business in many ways, including brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, and customer loyalty. However, because social media is always evolving, so does the strategies that we plan and target for clients at Xcentric one of the Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan. Hence, to give you an insight into what we’ll be doing for marketing in 2023, right below, we have covered all the predicted trends that our marketers will be tapping into to get businesses more attention.

1. Short-Form Video Content

Users on social media platforms now prefer content that is short and to the point, which is why marketers are switching from long content to short content. Here is where short-video like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts prove helpful. After the success of TikTok, according to the predictions by Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan, short-form videos are now the content of choice.

However, initially, they advise not focusing on the frequency of short videos as mentioned by the platform algorithm guidelines. Instead, focus on the quality your content is providing. One good video every month containing useful information is much appreciated.

While making short-form video content, marketers at Xcentric focus on understanding the voice of a business. After all, not every person or brand has a goofy personality, but almost everyone can be educational or informal with their expected audience. Mostly, they prefer leveraging YouTube Shorts as they are already making their way to the first page of SERPs. Rest assured, if you hire us to create short-form video content, there is a high chance that more traffic will come your way.

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2. Audience Conversion

Conversion rate still plays an important role for any business. Converting your viewers into loyal customers helps with building brand identity. Being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we at Xcentric encourage businesses to engage with their audience on social media strategically and increase conversions.

Creating content and maintaining a social media presence may be vital for audience growth and brand identity but these strategies alone don’t drive leads and sales. Hence, the reason why we help businesses strategize on how they should convert potential prospects into loyal customers. It precisely means they have to personally reach out to their customers and inform them about what they are selling. As one of the Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan, we suggest using social media platforms to identify prospects and gain sales.

3. Customer Care

Switching from traditional methods of communication, businesses are preferring social media to use for customer care. It is an ever-evolving marketing strategy that can tackle dealing with new customers along with taking care of current customers. Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan include customer care in their marketing strategies, and so do we at Xcentric.

In simple words, customer care is all about the focus on customer experience and conversations. Before initiating customer care services on a business’s social media account and website, our team makes sure to know about their customer’s interests. Therefore, making it a KEY element of our Social Media Advertising Services.  Rest assured, with us taking care of your customers, your brand will be more human and experiences will be more personalized.

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4. AI-Driven Content

Believe it or not, Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan are leaning towards AI as they believe that it is going to be a huge success in 2023. It helps the creators in reaching out to more people by helping them design content tailored particularly for their target audience. Recent development in AI includes the voice generation of images and ideas, ChatGPT has helped with customer care services, and with further development, it can also assist in audio and video production. Hence, given that great development in AI is expected throughout 2023, marketers at Xcentric will be focusing on using it more than ever.

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The year 2023 has just begun and we are already seeing a number of new trends doing rounds in the digital world. However, you need not to worry as our Social Media Advertising Services include tapping into all these trends and making the most out of all the predictions. Hence, without any delay, get on board with Xcentric. We are one of the Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan that knows how to take a business to new heights on social media.







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