Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 16, 2019


The last couple of years marks a dramatic shift in how Digital Marketing Services operate and how they are considered important by most businesses across the globe. Be it, AI, ML, or PPC, Digital Marketing Services in Chicago show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And if you’re thinking that your business doesn’t need the back of Digital Marketing trends, re-consider your thoughts because they can’t be ignored, regardless of your business’s industry.

Though some years ago, businesses needed a bit more than just Magento E-Commerce Development and Social Media Management. However, today, the digital landscape has evolved and it’s not everyone’s play to keep up with it. And perhaps, it seems like 2019 is going to be another booming year in the tech world; All thanks to Digital Marketing Trends. 

Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we haven’t come across many businesses flaunting a successful online presence by tapping into digital marketing trends. However, considering that there’s a never-ending mass of technologies and tools emerging every other day, marketers need to adapt them if they are here to remain in the game. So if you’re looking forward to adapting them to make sure that your business won’t be left behind, read on through this article to discover the Digital Marketing trends you need to be prepared for in 2019. 

1. Let Artificial Intelligence do it!

Yes, AI sounds fancy and expensive and maybe you are of the notion that it is not cut out for your business. But are you really sure about it? Because as per the market analysts’ prediction in the coming 2-3 years, more than half the businesses will take refuge from AI and Machine Learning to meet the competitive needs of the market. AI digital marketing trend is both, time and cost-efficient. Hence, businesses across the globe are shifting to AI as they find it cheaper and more accurately manageable than human resources.

Moreover, Chatbots are the new cool. They use NLP software to decipher what the customer wants, their behaviors, and search trends. This will help the business see how its products and services are being looked at by the customers. So Why talk when you have Chatbots?

Customer service Chatbots are already surfacing the marketing world and have already shown an increase from 2 – 25% ever since 2017. So who is to say that it won’t grow more in 2019 and the following years? For content creation, E-Commerce Website Development transactions as well as basic communication through Social Media Marketing, people are looking up to Chatbots. The plus? This is on of the digital marketing trends that also helps businesses with staff turnout problems. AI users were said to be increasing the GDP by more than 12% in the coming decade’s time. So, the AI latecomers might endure grief at the hands of their competitors.

2. Program your Advertising

Programmatic ads are so in the market; It is estimated that by the end of next year more than 80% of the US will be using programmatic ads. It is basically when you use AI to automate Ad buying in order to target specific audiences. The automation is efficient and fast, cutting customer acquisition costs. And perhaps, the programmatic Ad works no less than a bidding game.

You click on the webpage and the publisher puts an auction on the impression and whichever Advertising Agencies bid the highest on the auction, gets to display their ad when you click on it. And if you’re the lucky one bidding the highest, congratulations. Though you still need to be sure that the Ad you’ll be placing is worthy of all the cost you’ve paid.

Here’s a pro tip: Get your hands on Facebook Marketing Packages, Graphic Design, and Branding Services. They’ll bring out the best!

Digital Marketing Trends

3. It’s all about Uniqueness…

In 2020, if you intend on standing out, personalization and following digital marketing trends is the key here. Personalized Email Marketing in Lahore, SMS Marketing in Lahore, WhatsApp Marketing Services, and products; Basically everything and anything making your marketing personalized. So make sure that you get hold of the purchase history, behavior trends and links your potential customers clicked, to get all the data you need to personalize the content.

This personalization not only makes the audience feel important but will also make them more reactive. When businesses like Netflix use personalization to shortlist what you might enjoy watching, you develop a connection with the business at a subconscious level. And every time you want to watch a movie or a season but decide on the genre, Netflix is where you land. You can experiment with that, with personalized emails and get more than twice as many responses as you get from bulk emails.

4. Digital World without Video Marketing, Really?

Video marketing is one of the best you can get hold of in the digital marketing trends world. And it seems fair to predict its growth for the next couple of years. People prefer listening to your products and services over having to read about them. Stats suggest that YouTube Marketing in Pakistan attracts and retains more people than textual advertisements through Facebook Marketing Services. Not just YouTube Marketing in Chicago videos but also live broadcast videos through Facebook Marketing Pakistan, Instagram Marketing and LinkedIn are receiving increasing fame in the years 2019-20.

SEO Services in Lahore are also getting positively affected by video marketing. And because of that, Google gives incentives to video makers, hence, the fact; Pages containing videos have more than a 50% chance of being among the first few search results.

Other digital marketing trends you might take benefit from are our live videos, 1:1 videos, shoppable content videos, and many more, giving out personalized messages and outreaching the maximum number of customers.

5. Test marketing SEO A/B Split testing

If you want to put aside variables that aren’t doing any good for your company, SEO Services in Chicago A/B split testing is your guy! It will help you find out what generates more traffic and gives you a focused approach to mending your content. There are platforms helping you figure out your target CTR increase. They bring up pages as well as the keyword report that tells you about your page ranking – along with keeping you a part of the digital marketing trends. 

To be exact, the report and digital marketing trends help you get more traffic with insights. SEO Services in Pakistan A/B split testing concentrates on what you have on the website. Furthermore, it spills out the secret about the variables that actually run the show.

It’s understandable how it sounds technical and a bit complex to keep up with digital marketing trends but you are not in this alone. We’ve got you covered. Our Digital Marketing Consultants who are experts in this field are willing and competent to help you. So get in touch with us today because the support of a Digital Marketing Company is all it takes to be in neck-to-neck competition with your competitors.







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