Top 5 Digital Consumer Trends in 2020

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 20, 2020

New year, a new decade, and all-new trends. With tech-advancement always set to join hands with E-Commerce Website Development, the world is forever in for a transformational experience. However, if you are not sure of joining the bandwagon, read through this article covering everything the Social Media Marketing Services trends have in stores for you – from content to Magento E-Commerce Development and consumerism.

1. High Expectations

The tech revolution has provided savvy consumers of today with modern convenience and instantaneous gratification. Shopping at Amazon to listening music on Spotify, traveling on Uber, living in Airbnb, and watching seasons on Netflix; almost every service can be purchased and delivered right at your doorstep in no time, just with a touch.

Well, there is one thing we are sure about. The digital consumers are accustomed to these fast and faultless services that continue to rise in trends every day. Though this surely will increase a fierce competition between providers of these on-demand subscription services. So, what’s your take on beating the competition, and meeting your target audiences’ expectations? Still confused about it? We can help you being a Social Media Marketing Company.

2. Content is still the KING

The power of Social Media Marketing remains undeniable. However, organic reach will carry on falling in favor of Digital Media Marketing platforms. And if you don’t agree with this fact, have a look at what happened with Facebook Marketing Pakistan and YouTube Marketing Services in most of the cases.

Instagram Marketing has taken over both of them with its features like Instagram Shop, IGTV, and Instagram Ads. Though not to forget, some top-notch brands are still experiencing significant successes by driving engagement and organic reach.

However, other platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Snapchat Marketing still boast a high organic reach. With that stated, even though they are growing with the blink of an eye, the total organic reach they receive is still the same. And the individual organic reach is falling. Do you know why? Over-flooding content.

Being a Digital Marketing Company, we’ve noticed brand dumping tons and tons of visuals and ads on social media that make no sense, just for the sake of joining the bandwagon. Honestly, we say a big NO to such Digital Marketing in Pakistan practices. Even though the content is still the KING, with the increasing competition of Marketing Services on social media platforms, you need to be careful of WHAT you post and WHY. So whether it is a video, audio, an Ad, or a Blog, make sure that it isn’t an eye-sore for your audience. Preferably, it should be a catchy thing that they would love to read through and view.

3. Contextual Commerce

With the growing influence of gadgets and the success of Social Media Marketing, contextual commerce has all eyes on, as a frontier in online retail. The opportunity of selling everything to consumers anywhere and anytime ensures higher conversions and boosted sales – All thanks Magento E-Commerce Development Services.

Next, combine this with the growing power of online marketplaces, which are taking over the buying journey of Millennial and Gen Z. We’re certainly going to see an uplift in Magento E-Commerce Website Development. All in all, by the end of 2020, departmental stores that have gone digital by opting for Magento 2 Website Development and are operating on subscription models with a variety of vendor and delivery incentives will surely succeed because of improved convenience and customer loyalty.

4. Conscious Consumerism

As Gen Z and Millennials continue dominating the digital consumer market, meeting their emotional needs and logistical convenience is important. Precisely, Digital Services that don’t smell like Social Media Marketing in Pakistan will win, as compared to plain online promotions. Hence, in 2020, promoting your brand’s values and beliefs over products is essentials. So, are you underestimating the importance of this at your peril and are just promoting your products and services? ABORT MISSION.

5. It’s Worthy to Talk

Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are probably the superheroes of every household where voice-activated devices are installed. Whether you need to make a call or want to add something to your cart, they are all there to your rescue whenever you ask for help and say;

Hey Siri, call Mom!

Alexa, add the black leather boots to my cart!

Cortana, what’s the temperature today?

The adoption of voice assistants is widespread because they’re essential now, considering that we live in an era where typing also takes up our precious time, so why not let Alexa do the job for us? That’s what tech-advancements are for – Making life more manageable.

In layman’s terms, this scenario is called development in smart devices with a unified approach that ensures improved compatibility. So as 2020 passes by, we’ll see more and people using their voices; to complete everyday tasks such as shopping, ordering food, or booking an Uber.

Though with artificial intelligence and virtual reality, where there have been promises of investments and developments in 2020, the technology hasn’t advanced to such an extent that it completely revolutionizes the online retail experience and becomes essential to consumers. However, once again, as the technology advances across the hardware and software, there will be an outburst in adoption; considering that convenience is a must-have for consumers.

In Conclusion

Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we believe that the tech-revolutions will fundamentally change nearly every aspect of modern lives, along with the digital consumer trends that will considerably influence Magento 2 E-Commerce Development and consumer behaviour. So, if you look forward to surviving this year, 2020 and stay on the face of the internet, then you need to tap into these trends. Though if you need some professional help from consumer-centric minds, Hire Xcentric Services as your Social Media Marketing Agency.







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