Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring Xcentric As Your Magento E-Commerce Development Company

kashif ali

  • Oct 07, 2021

Are you planning to launch an online web store, and choosing the right E-Commerce platform is giving you a hard time? We agree that it is a BIG decision that can make or break your game. Hence, to lend you a helping hand as a Magento E-Commerce Development Company, we have focused on the widely used platform in the world – Magento. There must be a lot that you need to know about its capabilities and how Xcentric Services can launch a highly converting Magento web store for your business. To show you a bigger picture, in a nutshell, we have covered all the benefits of hiring us right below. Let’s give them a read!

Magento Development Services

1.  Versatile Content Management

Magento has a visual-based and intuitive page editor. By leveraging it, our Magento developers customize the way products or services are offered on web stores. If you have requirements other than the basic functions within the shopping cart, we can also toggle the user-friendly content management interface of Magento to meet them.

2.  Mobile-friendly Configuration

Shopping carts that we develop for client websites on Magento have a responsive design. This makes them viewable on mobile devices, tablets, and other gadgets seamlessly. With the increasing trend of mobile usage and consumers shopping more through their mobile phones, our major focus remains on mobile-friendly configurations. Because without any doubt, we will be seeing more of it in the years to come.

3.   Advanced SEO

When providing Magento Development Services, we do not just launch the web store and take the back seat. Instead, our team does an excellent job and drives an organic traffic flow by optimizing the web store following the best SEO practices. Thus, giving their products or services a better chance to be visible on Google and other search engines. Moreover, we also provide clients plenty of room for customized SEO implementations; to rank them on search engines, optimize the page loading speed, and much more.

4.    Accommodating & Powerful

As a powerful E-Commerce platform, Magento supports up to 500,000 products on one web store and can handle more than 80,000 orders every hour. By getting the best out of this feature, we provide our clients a lot of space to grow in the future with different shopping carts on the same web store. Moreover, because of being complex, Magento requires special hosting to provide an optimum loading speed and performance. We at Xcentric Services also ensure that our client is sorting for that extra hosting beforehand.

5.   Cross-selling & Up-selling

Being on Magento, retailers can increase their sales potential and enhance the user experience. When developing an online web store on the platform, our developers add prompts and functionalities that allow customers to browse related options. Other than that, they also enable the cross-selling functionality to sell more products and increase sales.

Magento E-Commerce Development Company

6.   Third-party Integrations

By connecting online web stores with third-party applications like Google Shopping and Mail Chimp, we as a Magento E-Commerce Development Company improve the user experience. Moreover, we also add Google Analytics and other third-party integration to web stores. Therefore, aiding data analysis and keeping a check on how well the web store is performing.

7.   Customized Security Permissions

Managing internal access and multi-level security permissions for keeping the online web store safe is essential. Hence, by using the PCI Data Security that comes with Magento, we equip the back-end login screen of the web store with CAPTCHA. Moreover, for extra protection against unwanted data breaches, we include a secondary password prompt. This practice of ours remains constant for every client website. Therefore, ensuring that they are completely secure and trustable.

8.    Filtered Searches

Dynamic search filters that sort products according to different parameters are also something we leverage being a Magento E-Commerce Development Company. By utilizing the product tag filters, recently viewed, configuring the search with auto-suggestions, and search-term cloud, we allow web store visitors to make filtered searches.

9.    Magento Community

More than 240,000 businesses around the world have chosen Magento for meeting their E-Commerce needs. Seeing the popularity of the platform, hundreds and thousands of developers got their certification for Magento development. Some of those professional developers are on board with us at Xcentric Services. Hence, no matter where you feel stuck while on Magento, you can count on our team and the overall Magento Community. They are solid support and open up ways to BIG growth opportunities for businesses.

10.   Save Time & Money

Magento is an E-Commerce platform that is open-source and has an extensive library of customized extensions that we can integrate with your online web store. Also, by hiring us as your partner agency, you can save yourself from the hassle of developing the web store. Simply share with us your list of requirements, and our team of developers will gear up to do big business for you by launching a converting Magento web store.

Magento Development Services

Get On Board With Xcentric TODAY!

No doubt, Magento is one of the leaders in the world of E-Commerce platforms. It allows creating the best designs and fully functional web stores. However, developing a Magento web store on your own is no less than climbing a mountain. Hence, hire Xcentric Services as your Magento E-Commerce Company and leave the responsibility of launching your web store on us. To get your project quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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