Tips To Secure Your Data On Microsoft SQL Server

John Smith

  • Feb 22, 2019

Keeping the need for data management in mind Microsoft launched SQL Servers to provide ease to the users by giving them the best data saving options.

Years back Microsoft launched the SQL Server and the users were pleased with the innovation. With the change of time and technology, Microsoft kept adding new features and improved the application for the users. If you have some sensitive data or you are running a business you can have Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics 365 best business solutions that can be customized according to your needs. Xcentric Services is partners with Microsoft and they offer a whole range of Microsoft products.

To get the best business solution and SQL Server 2017 prices visit the Xcentric Services website store. The SQL Server can be used individually as well as for company or organizational purposes as well. So if you are administrating any of the SQL Servers the main duty of you as SQL administrator is to secure your database and for this, I am sharing some key points that may help you in securing your data. Although the prevention of data is a very vast topic you will be able to go through it quickly.

 Encrypted Database Backups

Making backup for your database is always critical and if you don’t encrypt the backup files, the data can be easily copied and restored to any other SQL Server database and this will cause theft and a security breach in your database. Microsoft SQL Server has the feature to easily encrypt your database backup files. You can use the built-in MEDIAPASSWORD feature to avoid the whole situation.

 Remove Unwanted Users

Again with the backup files of your database, the next job you can do to secure your database is to make sure that there is no unwanted user access to the backup files. If you think some accesses are granted but they don’t the access to the backup files just minimize their access. Access of people who don’t need it might result in the weakness of backup files and then they can be easily copied to other remote servers causing the break in the database restore sequence. To avoid this you just have to grant access to the users who really need access to such files.

Use Windows Authentication Mode

You should use windows authentication to get into your SQL Server rather than using SQL Server authentication mode. Windows authentication mode in SQL Server can control the organization-wide Active Directory, account, group and password policies and it secures the access as well. If you want to or you don’t have any other option than using SQL Server authentication mode to access your SQL Server. It is suggested not to use a system administrator account.

Make Complex Password For Accounts

If you are using mixed-mode authentication in SQL Server to login into your SQL Server, always set a complex password for the system administrator account. Moreover, keep in mind to avoid using the system administrator account to connect web applications of SQL Server. Also, don’t keep in mind to avoid using the system administrator account to do daily maintenance activities. For daily maintenance purposes use, the windows account with proper permissions. For more, you can also change your system administrator password weekly.

These are some very basic and easy steps to secure your SQL Server database. If you still find any difficulty visit Xcentric Service. If you are inspired by Microsoft business solutions and data management solutions you can get the best Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices.







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