Top Trends For Social Media Content In Pakistan 2021

Mahum Khalid

  • Jan 10, 2020


We’re living in an age of Big Data, which has taken the shape of Infographics – One of the leading forms of Digital Marketing in Pakistan. Presently, if your brand isn’t winning any advantage by the use of visuals, you’re certainly going to fall behind in the Digital Marketing Services movement of 2021. As a best Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we can provide unique Social Media Content for infographics for your social media marketing.

Technically, Infographics are one efficient way of linking text, images, and designs that represent a story speaking for itself. Today, Social Media Marketing in Pakistan and has been taken over by these visuals without any doubt because this tech-savvy generation recalls 70% of what they’ve seen, 20% of what they read, and only 10% of what they listened to. Therefore, create your Infographics too well as they can help you communicate complex data visually that is expected to go viral.

However, before you have your take on creating Infographics, you need to learn some tips and tricks of this art. Let’s go through them to power up your Infographic creation game!

Decide on your Focus Point

Infographics serve a single, consistent message, which is why you need to decide on a focus point, aka the purpose behind creating one. However, if we break it down into simpler terms, it is storytelling by data and visuals.

Every Infographic designed to illuminate a story or a fact that will lead the audience to a conclusion. So make your Infographic worthy, by planning each part of it very wisely, concentrating more on the objective rather than crowding it with supporting data.

Use Meaningful Color Combinations

As a brand, designing your logo and the website must’ve got you familiar with the process of picking a color palette. However, deciding on a color palette for an Infographic can be a bit tricky. Often, brands pick up a lot of colors, which isn’t safe because you might end up with an Infographic looking like an illustration by a teenager. Yes, that’s the worst thing that can happen.

Here’s are some tricks to make a color palette that is worth a stare;

  • Stick to the rule of three primary colors; Light one for the background and the other two for your accents, such as headings.
  • Use more than three colors only when you need to add data that is separate from the else.
  • There should be a clear sense behind which color means what.

Choosing a color palette costs businesses next to nothing, but making the wrong choice can cost them a lot in the long run. So make sure that the audience can understand the message behind your Infographic within seconds, and if the color palette fails to encourage this, you need to reconsider your decision.

Clear out the Clutter

Do you want your audience to get overwhelmed by walls of information on your Infographic, making no sense to them? No one does, and neither you. But what’s the way to clear out all the clutter on an Infographic? A well-placed slab of White Space or Negative Space; your audience will bless you for this.

White or Negative Space makes sure that the details are aligned. Moreover, the audience is guided from one point to another within the visuals. Infographics with these spaces between the details appear more powerful or at least seem like they’re pointing to some interesting information in balanced harmony. Follow this tip to cover the long way towards success in the world of Digital Marketing in Pakistan, just like Metro Cash & Carry Marketing nailed it.

Infographics -Social Media Content

The Rule of Three Fonts

Typography can make or break any form of visuals, including Infographics. For instance; A brand shares an Infographic full of text in offbeat fonts. The purpose behind it is defeated at the very first sight of the audience. Thinking neutrally, we dread that the tech-savvy generation won’t even click on an Infographic. Considering that it looks like an article, and you don’t want this to happen.

A triggering title, eye-catchy captions, unique text, and once again, the rule of three fonts are all your rescuers. Here’s how you can apply this rule to your Infographics. In order to make them an eye-candy for your audience on Facebook or any other Social Media;

  • Decorative font – The one fancied solely for a header
  • Simple font – Readable font for the body of your Infographic
  • Accent Font – The not too decorative and not too simple one for the captions and sub-headings 

An Infographic needs to hold one-of-a-kind unique content. Its a success is measured by the number of shares it bangs on social media platforms. Follow the tips and move your digital marketing campaigns towards success, similar to how The Vitamin Company Marketing worked. However, if you’re new to Infographics and need some help, Contact a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, today! The best Social Media Content Strategy can be found here. so As a best Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we can provide unique Social Media Content for infographics for your social media marketing.







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