5 Tips for you to slay your Competitive Analysis on Social Media

Mahum Khalid

  • Jan 30, 2020


Succeeding on Social Media dares smart decision-making, and that means Social Media Marketing in Pakistan is much more than just hoarding competitor names on your bulletin board. The real catch is to walk toe-in-toe with businesses in your industry. Be the Sherlock for your business and estimate the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses relative to your own and best use them in your favor, to slay your competitive analysis on Social Media.

However, someone in the industry must’ve already cracked the code of how to be successful on Social Media. Your job? Find their competitors and surpass them by tweaking their strategies, because most of the time planning something new isn’t the real game.

Need to know how-to? Let’s go through 5 tips that will help you slay your socials, in this tech-savvy world.

1. Stay You-Nique

Even though we’re now in 2020, some businesses are still alien to the difference between being inspired and copying. Though we understand that your competitors might be doing some things well, this doesn’t conclude that what works for them will work the best for you too.

Hence, the savvy marketers suggest; Focus more on building your Brand Voice, and rather than copying your competitors, know the why’s of them doing so. Slay your competitive analysis by knowing the answers to the why’s and stay unique by building your strategies later.

2. A Biased Analysis is NOT a Worthy Analysis

Biases are built-in, in every human, because our brains function this way. Consequently, businesses looking out for ways to win their competitive analysis in a biased way will get some not-so-worthy analysis results.

However, keeping a check over your biases can save you from yourself. Yes, you heard it right! In this scenario, you’ll be the one who might interpret the wrong side of the story. Therefore, don’t rush into concluding because the data keeps on changing faces. The most authentic practice is to look at information with a broader perspective, to understand what’s happening around.

3. Competitive Analysis is a Long-Run Game

Top-notch brands and Mid-Small sized businesses – All of them have been in the competitive analysis game for years and years. Slaying your socials, with competitive analysis isn’t a child’s play. It is a long-run game that our marketing experts and peers have been playing for decades.

While some got lifts on Social Media, others are still struggling. It takes a long time to build your Social DNA, and competitive analysis can help you with it, but it goes with the flow of time.  Hence, NEVER step back if you’re not getting instant success.

4. Be where others aren’t

A business’s target audience is on Instagram, but they’re implementing Facebook Marketing strategies. Why? Because the competitor is centering on it, and that’s a risky blunder a business can make.

Business basics suggest; Be where others aren’t. To be precise, it means, if you’re looking for a way to slay your competitive analysis, take the first step by filling out the gaps. For example, if a business in your industry isn’t preferring Instagram Marketing, why don’t you take the first digital step and get an overhead skill over them? Find them all gaps, fill them, and slay on social media!

5. Stay Updated

Competitive analysis requires well maintained and updated data so that the business can effectively surpass its competitors on social media. Hence, look around and keep an eye on what’s following, update your data continuously and arrange it in spreadsheets to avoid any hassle.

Above all, an updated, and well-maintained spreadsheet serves as the most effective when your head demands a quick insight into where the business is competing, on the grounds of Social Media.

Competitive Analysis on Social Media


No matter which industry your business is a part of, facing the competition is a MUST. However, if you’re new in the industry and slaying your competitive analysis on Social Media Marketing in Pakistan might sounds next to impossible to you, but don’t step back. Save your time and plenty of headaches by getting in touch with us at Xcentric Services; Our Social Media experts will make things work in the best favor of your business. Contact Us Today!







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