Things To Know Before Getting People Counting Camera

John Smith

  • May 03, 2019

From optimizing operations through, to building a bank of business intelligence that is used to target customers, people counting camera serves every business.

Still, all people counters are not the same, and it is very important to choose the right kind of footfall technology if you are going to make this investment successful. In that case you are at the right place, just read the blog and hopefully, you will know the things about footfall counting technology that was unknown to you and maybe your reseller is not going to tell you.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Any People Counter

The best people counters are made by experts. Many businesses can manufacture a people counter but it may not possibly deliver if it has not been made by professionals. The most advanced and efficient technology used in footfall counting, the technology that will really deliver intelligence and data returns is manufactured by those who specialize in retail insights and customer experience solutions. So, look for a people counter that has been developed by a business with a wealth of experience in retail technology.

The best options come with support. People counters need to be correctly positioned and training may be required to ensure that your business gets the most from the people counting technology that you’re using. What your reseller may not mention is that choosing a people to counter provider who also offers the option of services, such as training, on-site or remote support, ongoing validation, and audit and system implementation planning, will help you to optimize your investment.

A degree of integration is necessary. The right people counting technology should integrate effortlessly with your business’ existing systems. People counters are not used in isolation so it is important to ensure this integration is as straightforward as possible when making your product choice.

Technical specifications are not the only information to consider. What your reseller may not mention is that other customer comments and reviews about the product and the provider could be key to ensuring that you make the right choice. Find out whether other customers felt the technology met their needs and expectations, as well as what kind of support they received.

Alpha 3D Plus World’s Most Accurate People Counting Camera

An in-depth look into people counting technology reveals that there are significant differences between the different options. Alpha 3D Plus is the most advanced and accurate people counter on the market today, offering the most exhaustive insights and precise data. Alpha 3D Plus offers:

Demographics Insights

Alpha 3D Plus uses measurements, such as height, to determine demographic data about store visitors.

Marketing Data

Dwell time measurement is integrated into Alpha 3D Plus and will provide valuable information on how long visitors spend in various areas of the store. For example, it can be used to measure the length of time customers spend at specific sales displays to gauge the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

True Anonymity

With Alpha 3D Plus there are no data protection issues, as no personally identifiable data is collected.

Highly Accurate People Collecting Data

Alpha 3D Plus uses 3D Wi-Fi-enabled people counting technology to provide an impressive degree of data accuracy. Insights can be used for everything, from ensuring staff schedules are optimal for improving store conversion rates.

Employee Deduction

Alpha 3D Plus is unique in the level of detail obtainable from the data such as, unlike other people counters on the market, with Alpha 3D Plus it is possible to exclude store employees from counting to improve accuracy.

Alpha 3D Plus by V-Count is the most advanced and effective people counter on the market and the best option for your business. Highly accurate, thanks to the use of cultured systems such as dwell time measurement, Alpha 3D Plus combines advanced technologies to create people counting that delivers real, usable results.







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