Thermal People Counting Camera

John Smith

  • Feb 19, 2019

In the times of technology, we see everything getting digitized, among all these innovations we witness to notice people counting cameras at retail venues.

People counting cameras are the best counting solution for retailers. There was a time when the devices used to work with very low accuracy. With the passage of time, the technology and the working of the people counters improved and now you can get the people counter with approximately 98% of accuracy. A lead manufacturer of people counters V-Count is working to make the best counting solutions for retailers and for the people who want to use this technology for themselves or their business places.

With partners with V-Count, Xcentric Services is offering people counting solutions to retailers in Pakistan. The aim is to enhance the business and grow with the latest techniques by staying up to date with the technology. So if you are a retailer or own someplace where people come such as an art gallery, retail store, or even a shopping mall and you are keen to enhance your business through proper study of customer behavior you are welcome to visit the Xcentric Service website store to get the best people counting camera price.

Right now if you visit the market or you just surf the internet to check the technologies working in the people counting camera devices you will find 2D, 3D, single lens, Wi-Fi, infrared, and thermal people counters. We will discuss the working and features of the thermal people counting camera.

The technology is created in the United Kingdom and it is said to be the rare technology used by manufacturers to create people counters. The camera in the device tracks a person by the change of the temperature noted. The camera is consistently checking the temperature of the floor and the surroundings and whenever it notices a change in temperature it counts. The people look like a blob when the camera captures the person.

The technology is excellent and still, the manufacturers are working to make it more reliable. One might think what would be the improvements manufacturers are working on. So as the thermal people counter work whenever it notices a temperature change and sometimes it is not that reliable because it is set in the entrance against the door so that the people can be counted. It happens sometimes that the camera syncs to the temperature of the surrounding and the change in temperature occur the inaccuracy in the data of people counting.

This happens very rarely in extreme weather but doesn’t worry the manufacturers are working on it to remove the issue.  Thermal technology is capable of approximately 95% accuracy. Many people counters fail to count an exact number of people when they are entering together but the thermal people counter can count every person.  The best thing about it is thermal technology can work in dark places as well.

Another issue with the technology is that the device refreshes every 3 seconds and updates the temperature to the sensors. So if the person is standing still he will be counted once but with the next refresh he will be added to the background or surrounding temperature and he will vanish from the count until he will move again. These flaws are under consideration and modifications even with these glitches the thermal people counting cameras can give you the accuracy of 95% but if it is installed correctly it can be more accurate.

If you want to know more about other technologies do visit the Xcentric Services website where you can compare different technologies and you can get the best people counting camera price.







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