The Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2019

kashif ali

  • Sep 24, 2019

It’s no hidden secret that your website has to be a beautiful blend of your expertise, talent, and a perfect representation of your professionalism and brand. When you add modern web design trends to your website, you are sort of adding cheese to the mousetrap. A pretty, easy to use website always attracts more people and creates an impression that lasts longer and says a lot about your business.

Technically speaking, before beautifying your website, what it entails should be of prime importance to you. To ensure the work-ability of your website, you might want to assess your website on the 3 aspects which will affect your SEO Services Pakistan in the long run.

  1. Is it Mobile-friendly?
  2. Does it have User-friendly navigation?
  3. Is the content relevant?

If your website checks on all 3 boxes, it’s safe to say that your website is still functional. And now, maybe to attract the bees you need to put in some honey by leveraging new website design and Web Development Services. These are the 5 trending designs to lure maximum people to your website in the minimum time frame.

1. Evoke emotions through Cinematography

Website designing has never been more user-centered. Using interactive elements such as cinematography to hit where it hurts the most. It has such an awe-stricken modern image to the website that now more and more people are interested in using cinematographic for their websites to engage the maximum audience.

If the image is anything, your client can relate to, he will have a subconscious affiliation with your website. For instance,

If you are a traveling tour company, this cinematography will attract all the surfers, deeply and profoundly in love with water. But an aqua-phobic might lash back to the same visual. There is no guarantee that what you put in your E-Commerce Website Development will give you positive feedback, but how else will you learn if no one criticizes your work?

2. Fonts shouldn’t haunt

Rhyming right? But it’s true too. The font you use on your website plays a vital role in amplifying the look of your website. So be very cautious with how you write your texts. For a long, long time, it has been a rule to use sans-serif font. But with the revolutionizing change in the screen resolution, using sans-serif is no more a major requirement. So if you are a Digital Marketing Firm, using funkier yet classy fonts like BASKERVILLE OLD FACE and OCRA Std doesn’t look bad.

While a Garamond and Minion Pro gives the autocratic vibes that is a demand for a law firm but a Digital Marketing Agency, dealing with millennials, a more extrovert and up-to-date font for your website is what you might want to consider. While you are on it, do not forget to ensure your text is readable and clear. Modernizing doesn’t mean you let go of the real purpose of your website.

3. Displaying Videos is not an Alien Concept

You must have seen a lot of websites that have videos on it but what’s important here is that this element should be included on homepages and service pages. Strictly talking from the design point of view, a video adds diversity to your page and make it more colorful.

Reading through the page is such a tedious job. Videos work as a breather in this regard, letting your client’s focus, divert to something other than the lengthy texts. More than half the population these days are audio-visual learners. And videos act as a preferred medium of information in 2019. For instance, if your website sets out to explain how social media works, there is a fat chance that a lot of people will find it hard to grasp the technical terms. But if the same content is picturized or used in an animation, it will not only attract. However, it will also create a better understanding for your clients.

Other than making your website attractive, videos help to pull up the search engine ranking. Since Google and Bing now show videos within search results. Adding videos will make your website more visible in the search results.

4. Don’t say it out loud, just use Micro-Animation

Following instructions is not everyone’s best pursuit. But then you do want to navigate your audience to your desired destination without being annoying. So rather than saying it out loud what you want, you sneak in and use the micro-animations to do the trick for you.

What are micro-animations? Well, these are minute visual cues to lure the user’s attention. Remember noticing how sometimes when you scroll close to a menu item and all of a sudden its size and color changes? Yes, that’s micro-animation, which that particular website must be using.

This feature helps you say it all without really saying anything and it engages with your clients’ pretty well. Why become bossy when sweet and sound gets your ground straight.

5. Flashy or Minimalism?

It’s a common saying, wear what suits you best, while your clothing represents your personality, your website represents your business. Your website gives the first impression of your business which needs to be up to the mark.

If you are a uniform company, having a flashy website might not be as good a fit for you as a minimalist website would be. A minimalist webs design, might not entertain any complicated graphics, exuberant colors and unnecessary text to bring in the visitors. It’s as squeaky clean as you want your uniform to be. This classy look is an evergreen design for businesses like those.


However, if you are a casual clothing brand for young girls, then going all out with colors is a good idea. Considering most of your audience is in their tween and teens, colors attract them the most. A minimal design here will only bore them and you definitely wouldn’t want that.

These 5 trends are the future. But what reflects on your business better is what you need to decide depending on what product and services you are offering. And perhaps, there are amazing Web Development Agencies in Chicago that can help you decide which trends you should and shouldn’t follow to make your Magento E-Commerce Development Services stand out.







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