What Are SEM & SEO Marketing? | The SEO vs. SEM Debate

kashif ali

  • Apr 01, 2022

Are you confused about whether to invest in SEO or SEM? In this blog, we at Xcentric will break down SEM and SEO Marketing. Think of Search Engine Marketing as a 1000-piece puzzle and Search Engine Optimization as a 5000-piece puzzle. Both strategies require effort and time for implementation but SEO does not deliver results as quickly as SEM. Confused? Let us explain it a bit more before you step ahead and invest in Professional SEO Services – after all, understanding the basics is also important.

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What Are SEM And SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a digital marketing strategy that aims at getting websites to appear high on search engine result pages organically. And, when we say organically, it means that you do not have to pay when it comes to Search Engine Marketing for your business like you have to for Ads.

Instead, in SEO, you have to optimize the website for keywords, generate backlinks, work on its technical side, and do other tasks that help rank higher organically. Also, when you partner with the Best SEO Company in Pakistan like Xcentric, you will be paying only for the Best SEO Services in Lahore. And what does this mean? No cost will be spent on SEO tools and less pressure on the in-house team. In short, you are still not going to pay the search engine for your ranking.

Best SEO Services in Lahore

Now, talking about Search Engine Marketing – SEM, you must have heard many explanations from SEO Consultants. The first one is that it is an umbrella term for paid and organic strategies that drive traffic toward a website from search engines. Considering this explanation, SEO falls under the umbrella of SEM.

Common and most used, the second explanation by Best SEO Experts in Lahore defines SEM as a paid marketing technique that gets a website on the search engine result pages. Currently, pay-per-click and SEM are pretty synonymous because both of them involve paying for placing Ads in the SERPs.

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SEO Vs. SEM – A Never Ending Debate

As we said being a Professional SEO Agency, the biggest difference between SEM and SEO is that while the latter focuses on getting a website in search engines organically, SEM relies on paid advertising. However, believe it or not, keywords and time play an important role in both – SEM and SEO Marketing.  Want to know how and why? Here, keep reading the blog to find out!

· Keywords

With search engine optimization, content has to be created using a target keyword, related keywords, and On-Page SEO Packages. Among all the other factors, the keywords help search engines to understand what the pages are about so that they appear in the right search queries.

On the other hand, an SEM campaign involves bidding on certain keywords that are related to the business and then appearing above the organic results on SERPs for those keywords. In addition to targeting keywords, an SEM campaign reaches people based on their previous interaction with the business, demographics, and much more. Being an SEO Company in Lahore that offers Backlink Packages, we count on both search optimization ways.

SEM campaign

For example, if you search for the keyword “Best Companies for SEO” on Google, you will see a results page including both, organic content and keyword-targeted Ads.  Now, while you can use SEM or SEO for appearing in search engine results, SEO keyword optimization will take more time to kick in. More on that coming next, but before that, here is a little something for you.

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· Time

Search engine optimization is time-taking and no magic button can make a strategy work right away. It can take months or even longer for an SEO Agency in Lahore to deliver results, especially if the website is new and has not been optimized for the search engine before.

On the other hand, SEM starts delivering results as soon as an Ad is launched. When it comes to driving results in a short time, it always proves to be a great strategy. But, what would happen if your PPC budget reaches burnout or the campaign ends? The results will STOP and the Ads will no longer appear in the search results, which is why businesses trust our Best SEO Services in Pakistan to rank on search engines.

So, in our opinion, you should count on SEO Marketing for ranking high on SERPs. While it does take time to work wonders, once it actually starts working, the results last for years, without you having to put more and more money into a campaign.

SEO Marketing

Besides, keep in mind that search engine optimization requires ongoing maintenance. Let us break the news to you being a Top SEO Company in Pakistan – just because a website is on the #1 rank does not mean it can hold on to that spot forever. To keep in pace with the search engine algorithm updates and whatever the competitors are up to, you need to regularly optimize your website. But still, a website does not disappear completely from the search results like an Ad.

Once you keep on optimizing, it can hold on to a top spot, earn you valuable page traffic and share content that builds audience trust online. Sounds like a lot to handle since your plate is already full and you fear not being consistent with optimization? No worries – invest in our E-Commerce SEO Packages and take the back seat.

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SEM And SEO – Which Should You Choose?

For many, choosing between SEO Packages in Lahore and SEM is a never-ending debate. Let us ask you this – why not use SEM and search engine optimization together? If you are just getting started on SEO, SEM can drive people to your website and fill the gap before the efforts on optimization pay off.

Even if it has been a while since you invested in Website SEO Packages to make optimization a part of your digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization is a great way to reach a specific target audience. Especially if you are running special promotions or deals over a limited time, it works effectively.

Later on, even if your pay-per-click marketing campaign will end, you will have SEO in your pocket for reaching out to people online. As more people get to find you organically, you will build more trusted relationships with them. So, whenever they are ready to make a purchase, you will be the first business they come to. And, that’s one technique that we swear by as the Best Company for SEO.

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