Importance Of Facebook Marketing Packages For E-Commerce Businesses

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  • Jan 26, 2021

Running an E-Commerce business in 2021 requires every bit of skill and savvy as running a physical store. Why? Because the customers of today are increasingly flocking towards online shopping. It may seem that E-Commerce ads marketing giants like Daraz and Amazon have easily achieved success on the internet. However, no one might have told you that alongside selling worthy products, they have invested BIG in Facebook Marketing Packages too.

Marketing on Facebook ads marketing alongside selling worthy products and services is a MUST. Are you a newbie in the E-Commerce ads marketing world and want to get all eyes on your online web store? Getting our Facebook Marketing Services is your way to go. Being a Facebook Ads Marketing Agency, we at Xcentric know the art of achieving success for an E-Commerce business. Here is how we make sure that a business’s Facebook Marketing is ON POINT.

Selling On Facebook

In these tech-driven times, selling on your online web store alone is not enough. Hence, when businesses get our Facebook Marketing Services Packages, we augment their online web store by selling their products directly on Facebook. And for that, the team at our Facebook Marketing Company sets up a SHOP on their Facebook Page. This tool lets us feature their products on the page, set shipping preferences, and establish payment pathways.

Facebook E-Commerce Marketing

Creating Visual Posts

Every product or service a business sells needs to speak for itself. You might have a HOW in your mind right now. Well, leave that responsibility to us. By creating and posting engaging visuals like photos, videos, and gifs, a dedicated Facebook Marketing Expert will make your Facebook feed stand out.

And yes, they will not forget about those very cool features of Facebook like Facebook Live that instantly connect brands with their customers. Other than that, being a Messenger Marketing Agency, we go out of our way to make our client’s product images feed look unique.

For that, we ask the client’s customer to observe the products and share the image of them that they have taken. To be precise, other than putting our graphics team to work when a business invests in our Facebook Marketing Packages, we leverage user-generated content too. Because you never know when a post by a customer could go viral?

Sticking To Posting Schedules

Being a business, you aim to engage with your target audience and boost your online conversion rate. Well then, just posting information every second day is not enough. Success in this digital world demands consistency, alongside creativity. At Xcentric Services, we have a stronghold on both, which means, whenever a brand counts on our Facebook Agency Support, we commit to a posting schedule. Though before we plan a schedule, we ask our client questions like:

Best Facebook Ads Strategy for E-Commerce

  • Do you want us to post every day?
  • How many posts do you want up on your Facebook Feed in a day?
  • What kind of content do you want us to share – images or videos?
  • Are you willing to pay Facebook Marketing Prices for paid promotion?

Once we get the answers to these questions, our team gets on to roll the B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook strategy by planning a result-driven posting schedule. Though there is another side to the story too, which is the real challenge – identifying when to post. Post creating engaging content for your Feed, our Facebook Marketing Consultants will also analyze the hour when the engagement rates are at a peak in your niche – all with the help of Facebook Insights.

Promoting Products

While there are many Facebook Marketing Agencies out there, not all of them understand that they do not have to hit the audience on the head with a sales pitch. Although there is nothing wrong with putting products and services in front of the interested target audience to generate sales and traffic. But there is a good way to do everything, right? We know which way to take – so invest in our Facebook Marketing Packages to let us drive you that way.

On behalf of our clients who hire us for B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook, we make sure to share every in-store or web store promotion they have on their Facebook Feed. By putting in our best efforts, we create visuals that include CTAs, craft catchy captions related to them, and have them up on their Facebook Feed. Thus, ensuring that every customer knows the brand has a promotion LIVE in-store or on their online web store.

Running Facebook Ads

One of the sure-fire ways we drive traffic to our client’s online web store is by planning the best Facebook PPC Marketing strategies For that, we initially set up the business’s Facebook Ads marketing account, which allows targeting a specific audience. And later on, when the account is set up, being Facebook Marketing Partners, we get on to placing Ads for the brand on Facebook ads marketing.  The benefit? It gets the brand’s products and services in front of potentially interested customers.

Monitoring And Retargeting Ads

After placing Facebook Ads, we do not take the back seat. Instead, our team keeps an eye on if the placed Ads are doing their job well or not. Why? Because monitoring the Web Design Facebook Ads marketing performance and retargeting potential customers is a way to succeed.

By retargeting, we reach out to the client’s customers who have viewed the Ad and are considering making a purchase. Maybe, they have their cart ready but did not just hit the CHECKOUT button because they are yet to make a final decision?

Investing in Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages and retargeting will remind them of that cart and trigger their desire of buying. Other than that, monitoring also helps us better plan the next campaign and get the most out of Facebook Ad Management Packages, which is another plus.

Facebook Ads Agency for E-Commerce

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Running an online web store in these tech-savvy times is competitive. Investment in solid Facebook Advertising Packages augmented with advertising tools and a customer-centric strategy is what businesses need to be successful. Being a Facebook Advertising Agency, we at Xcentric Services can help with it all.

In fact, we are a leading Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan that has what it takes to grow a business’s strong presence on the social media platform. Just drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com with your business’s details and we will get back to you with tailored Facebook Promotion Packages.







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