The Future of E-Commerce Marketing in a Nutshell

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 12, 2019

The ever-changing landscape of E-Commerce Marketing sounds very exciting, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and nerve-racking for businesses to keep up with the new trends and challenges that come along with it. By the end of 2019, E-Commerce Marketing has changed the rules of the Digital Marketing game. In other news, the statistics have also predicted that in the future, E-Commerce retail revenues are going to look bigger and brighter, so why not focus on E-Commerce Marketing and watch out for everything that is to emerge in the coming years?

As a business, if you wish to win this game in Present and Future, take a look at the upcoming drifts in E-Commerce Marketing and get the tech-savvy consumers engaged to your E-Store.

Personalized User Experience

In the future, User Experience website design is a must, which means the only way to tailor your content to the unique needs of the customers is by giving them a Personalized User Experience. Integrating personalization into E-Commerce marketing is very important, but not as difficult as the term sounds. With increased digitization, marketers now have access to tools that collect the customer data for businesses, which later on help them trigger their products to their prospective customers.  

Precisely, this means that having a direct and personal relationship with your customers will become a staple of marketing in the coming future. So make a smart move and start investing in tools and software that will help you integrate personalization with your E-Commerce Marketing.

AI and Chatbots are the Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots have just entered the digital world, but in such a short time, they’ve taken over most of the functions in Digital Marketing platforms. Have you noticed that AI has influenced most of the data on SERPs by tracking the user requests?

 Today, businesses and marketers are upon hundreds of digital marketing platforms, which makes it difficult for them to track and communicate with their potential consumers. Here’s an easy-peasy solution; why talk when you have chatbots? Yes, you heard it right! Get a Chatbot on board with you in 2020 and give your customers a personalized and purposeful experience, to win the E-Commerce Marketing game.

Smart Store Technology

Smart Stores are now growing in business. This is an indication that they’re going to take over the shopping process in the future. With this technology, the buyer’s cart is automatically scanned for generating a bill.

Smart Stores operate in such a way that each of the offered product is entitled to a QR Code. Later on, whenever a product is needed, the customer can capture the QR code and send it to the E-Store. Ultimately the E-Store will deliver the products at their doorstep.

Voice Search will be on the go

Virtual Assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are now serving customers by replying to their Voice Searches. In a study, the future of E-Commerce stores is going to be dependent on voice searches. As the Millenials and Gen Z have now switched to shop online through voice commands, it has become a need.

As an E-Commerce business, you must start focusing on serving your customers over voice command. Moreover, as the customers are moving towards voice search, it has become stronger day by day. In the future, E-Commerce websites may lose their ranking if they won’t integrate voice search in their E-Commerce marketing strategies.

Drone Deliveries

Drones were invented a long time ago since then they’ve been used for delivering data and imagery. Some time ago, in 2016, Amazon took the plunge and introduced a delivery option by drones. Unfortunately, it didn’t begin as regular service back then. But in the future, the independent Drone Delivery will compete in the E-Commerce Marketing game, as a strong opponent.

In the future, shipping processes will become much shorter and convenient, helping E-Store owner a lot of perks. Plan out your take on it ASAP!

 E-Commerce Marketing

New trends and challenges are always going to show up in the coming years, so E-Commerce Marketing is expected to expand and revolutionize. With this in mind, businesses need to cope up with every trend and challenge that comes their way. Consider trying different techniques to dominate the E-Commerce clan. If you’re new to this clan, planning out things in the future might get overwhelming for you. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to get some help in winning the most-trending games of marketing.







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